foto ZIX
NaamZiggy Willemse
AliasZiggy Williams
Lid van groepE.D.G.E.
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For some people, Techno is not just music.... it's a religion. For even fewer, this religion is the driving force that guides them in everything they do. ZIX is a pioneer amongst these people. With a style that never fails to get the dance floor pumping, ZIX has firmly established himself as one of the most revered techno DJs in Europe. People who follow ZIX come to see his performances knowing they will be taken on a journey. Those who aren't are hooked the minute the first beat drops, and he goes to work on the turntables.
Draai archief
King-S Festival · KoningsdagStrijp-S, Eindhoven
BAM Act:07 · The Unofficial Awakenings AfterpartySoestdijk II, Eindhoven
King-S Festival · KoningsnachtKlokgebouw, Eindhoven
King-S festival · KoningsdagKlokgebouw, Eindhoven
TAG:2016Sonniushof Festivalweide, Son en Breugel
BAM! · Act:04Arcade, Eindhoven
SchmutzigHet Tuchthuis, Eindhoven
BAM! · Act:03Fifties, Eindhoven
BAM! Act:02 NYEFifties, Eindhoven
BAM! · Act:01Arcade, Eindhoven
TAG:2015 aftermovie · TAG:2015 · 2015 (2:55)
Sonniushof Festivalweide, Son en Breugel
PACT Festival · 2K15Strijp-S, Eindhoven
Dasha RushLab-1, Eindhoven
LPM · Live Performers MeetingLab-1, Eindhoven
PACT Festival 2K14Strijp-S, Eindhoven
Schönes WochenendeWaalhalla, Nijmegen
BAM! Unofficial Awakenings AfterpartyFifties, Eindhoven
PuurTraverse, Helmond
Toko Techno promo · Toko Techno · 2013 (0:38)
Club Rodenburg, Beesd
Chakraparty · 8 Year AnniversaryClub Rodenburg, Beesd
FuckyouwerefromeindhovenRecreatiegebied De IJzeren Man, Eindhoven
TAG:2013 aftermovie · TAG:2013 · 2013 (4:25)
Sonniushof Festivalweide, Son en Breugel
Puur · BuitenCentrum Helmond, Helmond
PACT Festival 2K13 · 10th anniversaryStrijp-S, Eindhoven
ChakrapartyDe Avenue, Breda
TAG:Sonniushof Festivalweide, Son en Breugel
DommelValleiEffenaar, Eindhoven
Still Awake!? AfterpartyFifties, Eindhoven
Schönes WochenendeWaalhalla, Nijmegen
ImpulseWillem Twee Poppodium, 's-Hertogenbosch
Fantasy Island Festival · The epic journey begins foto's 4 trailer · Fantasy Island Festival · 2011 · Absolutely Fresh (1:31)
shout-out · Vato Gonzalez, Tjen · Fantasy Island Festival · 2011 · Absolutely Fresh (1:09)
aftermovie · Fantasy Island Festival · 2011 (3:42)
beelden · Anagenetic · Fantasy Island Festival · 2011 (1:57)
Recreatiepark Het Rutbeek, Enschede
O/V/REffenaar, Eindhoven
Gem sessions · Winter/spring tour 2011Effenaar, Eindhoven
Pact Festival 2K11Strijp-S, Eindhoven
MinimumEffenaar, Eindhoven
E-troit Festival · Techno SessionEffenaar, Eindhoven
ChakrapartyHangar 20, Breda
Still Awake!? AfterpartyFifties, Eindhoven
AKA DommelValleiClub Eleven, Weert
Chakra the PartyDiscotheek Bomax, Zevenbergen
AKA DommelValleiWillem Twee Poppodium, 's-Hertogenbosch
Schönes wochenendeWaalhalla, Nijmegen
AKA DommelValleiEffenaar, Eindhoven
Fuck you were from EindhovenRecreatiegebied De IJzeren Man, Eindhoven
Switch aftermovie · Switch · 2010 (3:50)
Paradiso, Amsterdam
Awakenings Festival · 10 Year Anniversary uitverkocht foto's Spaarnwoude (Deelplan Houtrak), Halfweg
PACT Festival 2K10Parkeergarage 't Eindje, Eindhoven
Chakratown · Carnavals editionCafé Bel Air, Breda
Awakenings · Eindhoven uitverkocht foto's Klokgebouw, Eindhoven
Chakra the Party · edition FireLazzurra, Dilsen
AKA DommelValleiCafé Xpressions, Eindhoven
Fuck you were from EindhovenRecreatiegebied De IJzeren Man, Eindhoven
E-troit Festival · AvondprogrammaEffenaar, Eindhoven
Rock for HeroesDynamo, Eindhoven
Poema meets · DommelvalleiPoema, Utrecht
Koninginnenacht FestivalEffenaar, Eindhoven
STRP FestivalKlokgebouw, Eindhoven
Anticlub invitesDe Rechter, Eindhoven
ChakrapartyClub Rodenburg, Beesd
AKA DommelValleiPlan-2, Eindhoven
Pumpin Techno · Part 6Congres- en Evenementencentrum Willem II Stadion, Tilburg
ChakrapartyClub Rodenburg, Beesd
TransmissionXinix, Nieuwendijk
Chakra Party · 3rd Anniversary foto's Club Rodenburg, Beesd
GeniaalDe Spinola, Breda
StilettoPand48, Groningen
E-troit Festival foto's Stadhuisplein, Eindhoven
Chakra Party · Summer editionClub Rodenburg, Beesd
Chakra Party · Magnificent 7Club Rodenburg, Beesd
Pact · FestivalParkeergarage 't Eindje, Eindhoven
DommelValleiHet Stroomhuis, Eindhoven
DommelValleiEffenaar, Eindhoven
Orkapot · Ear dropsDynamo, Eindhoven
DommelValleiHet Stroomhuis, Eindhoven
DommelvalleiEffenaar, Eindhoven
Flex · The Techno TriangleCafé Today, Eindhoven
Koninginnenacht festivalEffenaar, Eindhoven
Dansen met pasenEffenaar, Eindhoven
Chakra · Solar plexusClub Rodenburg, Beesd
DommelVallei invites Tresor Headquarters · Berlin SpecialDe Rechter, Eindhoven
FlexCafé Today, Eindhoven
Global Connection · Tilburg ShowcaseThe Blitz, Tilburg
DommelvalleiEffenaar, Eindhoven
Orkapot · DancelabDynamo, Eindhoven
't Rechter · SmallCity TechnoS(up)portDe Rechter, Eindhoven
DommelvalleiEffenaar, Eindhoven
Friday the 13th specialOdeon, Veldhoven
Ol' Dirty Dj'sOJA, Aarle Rixtel
FlexCafé Today, Eindhoven
Neetjur Wan · Unofficial campingparty : Neetjur Wan "Camping Party" 2006 · Neetjur Wan · 2006 (4:32)
Raketbasis Pydna, Kastellaun
DommelvalleiEffenaar, Eindhoven
De Rechter · Dance Valley competitionDe Rechter, Eindhoven
Pact2006Parkeergarage 't Eindje, Eindhoven
TechnophobiaO.J.C De Roos, Deurne
DommelvalleiDe Rechter, Eindhoven
DommelvalleiEffenaar, Eindhoven
Today's groove factoryCafé Today, Eindhoven
Club IndustryRamblaz, Oirschot
DommelvalleiHet Stroomhuis, Eindhoven
Spock SpecialsDe Graanbeurs, Breda
Today's groove factoryCafé Today, Eindhoven
SpektrumMEZZ, Breda
Pact · Koninginnedag 2005 foto's Het Stroomhuis, Eindhoven
DutchtechnoAkhnaton, Amsterdam
Dommelvallei · Bruxisme Nocturne foto's Effenaar, Eindhoven
DommelvalleiEffenaar, Eindhoven
Pact!Het Stroomhuis, Eindhoven