Inez Akker
12 oktober 2023
NaamInez Akker
Functie25 × DJ
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱
Genresacid techno, dark techno, hard techno, industrial techno, melodic techno, techno
partyflock inezakker (6 apr 2023)


Inez Akker inherited her love for Techno from her dad at a very early age. After being absolutely passionate about Electronic Music since she was 5, she was inspired enough to start mixing tracks and create her own DJ sets by very close friends who got her into the industry.

She has a special taste for hard beat Dark Techno – a musical genre she uses to express her deepest feelings, thoughts and impulses.

Having embarked in an artistic journey she started right from her soul, she expects to have as many travel companions as possible, in whom she whishes to find alike minds and hearts who share the same passion for Electronic Music in all its forms.

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