Trish van Eynde (foto)
NaamTrish van Eynde
Genresdeephouse, techno
Born the third child of a vocalist mother, Trish van Eynde grew up surrounded by funk and soul and was playing piano by the age of 9, but even then she knew that electronic music would be her field. Trish began collecting records early in her teens, so it was a natural progression for her to enter the record business. Work with Jan Van Den Bergh's Buzz Records led Trish to Indisc, and then to managing A&R for R&S. Trish also built up her own label, Generations, (which can boast some 23 releases from names such as Steve Rachmad, Parallel 9 and Yuji Takanouchi). By the time Trish took up her Food night residency at Brussels' legendary Fuse club, she was already acknowledged as the First Lady of Belgian Techno.
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