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Genresdeephouse, house, minimal, techhouse


With Spanish and Italian blood running through his veins it's easy to figure out where his love for music comes from. He grew up in Antwerp, a city known for its multiculturalism. Even though it's a multicultural city full of life, he could never really call Belgium home.
At the age of six he started to discover his passion for music. He loved how music made him feel and that hasn't changed since. After twelve years he decided to put his guitar down and pursue his love for House, Techno and the many facets of underground music. That decision started his journey as an Artist and Producer. Focusing on the deeper and more groovy side of House and Tech House music influenced by Apollonia, Swoy, Alex Ground, Guti, Loco Dice, Kerri Chandler and way more.
But why, is a question you might ask. Clubbing nowadays contains a lot of repetitive music and that is something he wants to change. He wants to share his love for music with his audience and become one with them. He wants his audience to experience feelings that they have never experienced before.
His goal is simple, he wants to change the music game forever and bring music that's never been heard before. He wants to create a unique sound to separate himself from other artists.

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Laatste feest was op maandag 24 december 2018: Merry Vaagmas, Club Vaag, Antwerpen
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