Karla Böhm
26 januari 2019
NaamKarla Böhm
Functie23 × DJ
HerkomstBelgië 🇧🇪
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  • Karla, tot 1 september 2019


Ears and eyes wide open, that's the best way to describe Karla Böhm. Born in Belgium, Karla grew up in Liège where she first appeared behind the decks. Fascinated by music and rhythms since her early childhood, she bought her first machine drum at 18years old. Looking for diversity and precision in her music, she has travelled around Belgium and Europe, always stopping by nightclubs in order to polish and refine her style. Starting as a « for fun » producer, Karla later went on to spin records, first in her hometown then in Brussels.

The next natural step was to launch a record label where her favourite artists can demonstrate their skills. It was the way SOUS:SOL Records was born.

Her music's influences, Techno, House, Dub, and Minimal find their roots in labels like Brouquade, Melliflow, Minibar, Cabinet, Perlon, Finest Hour, Moshitaka and others.

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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 13 juli 2024: Wildeburg, Netl de Wildste Tuin, Kraggenburg


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