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foto Brahim
Functie1 × ?, zanger
Genresfunk, r&b, soulful house
Brahim already has quite a past behind him. It's also a past that has, to a large extent, been played out in front of the television cameras. He became known on Idol and made an eye-catching appearance at Eurosong. And these are not things that he regrets. Better still, they actually mean that these days we no longer have to explain who Brahim is and how his charisma is able to fill a hall and the drive he brings with him when he stands on a stage. Only, in the long run, people used to have the impression that Brahim is heard of mainly when there is a talent quest on television.

But that was then.
And that time has gone.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 25 augustus 2018: Kamping Kitsch Club, Evolispark, Kortrijk
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