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foto Dirty Undies
NaamAlain Reynders
Terry Beks
Koen Derickx
Guy Cardeynaels
Steven Wallraf
Kim Celis
Ruud Celis
Zander Dreesen
Jo Ieven
Can't help pondering, whilst cramming an omelette down your neck, that bereaved little hen you left behind with no egg and no more faith in mankind? Good. But avast! – shipmates 'n' lasses, let thy sorrow walk the plank!, leave marooned all earnestness on the rocky shores of Oblivion! Dirty Undies are, as the current slab of time catches up with the rest of it, embarking on a mission to eliminate all meaning, meaning meaning stuff not unlike the relations to concepts of reality in which all and other known and unknown entities imagine themselves, as well as each other, to be trapped. These bonds were up until now unintelligible and will quit being so. They will start being unintelligibly unintelligible...
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Party agenda Dirty Undies
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 2 juni 2018: Woodlands Festival, IJsbaan Bergen, Bergen
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