foto Out of Words
NaamEddy Wensveen
AliasD-Tact (voorganger)
Genresminimal, progressive trance, techhouse, techno


Danceable music with lots of emotion! That is what the music of Out of Words (aka D-tact) is all about. 
Out of Words was born 1 November 1979. In his youth, he developed a strong passion for electronic music. He often travelled to Germany to buy the records he couldn't find in the Netherlands. During his search for unique music he visited many techno-parties throughout Europe.
 At the age of 20, he decided to buy his own set of turntables and started practicing. He discovered that standing behind the decks is an excellent opportunity to let others (the audience) experience similar feelings and emotions as he does. 
After 2 years of practicing, he started to perform at the B-Side DJ-café in Veenendaal...

Uitgaansagenda Out of Words

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 5 mei 2018: Label Unknown, De Prael Houthavens, Amsterdam