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NaamChris Fortier
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Genreshouse, progressive, techhouse, techno
There are few individuals within the underground dance music industry able to match Chris Fortier for both influence and achievement over the last two decades. With a mandate predicated upon the deceptively simple notion of "constant musical evolution", the founder and owner of the globally renowned Fade Records, is not constrained by boundaries, reflected in both the music he plays and creates.

An extensive list of achievements is testament to such elevated ideals, perhaps best showcased by the iconic 2005 "Balance 007" compilation; a groundbreaking CD at the vanguard of a fresh, innovative and underground sound movement, that history would later record as an aural blueprint for the worldwide dance music explosion that followed in the subsequent decade and beyond. A further eight commercially released mix albums would also contain the Chris Fortier DNA.

As a production artist, Fortier's portfolio of skills have been crafted and honed through an intimate 20-year knowledge of clubs across the globe's dance-floor capitals – from Tokyo and Buenos Aries to residencies at New York's Twilo and London's The Cross. Always in demand and prolific in output, a continually rising 400 plus Beatport production credits tell only half of an impressive story. Fortier's remix of Delerium's "Silence", was the first and original remix and sold in excess of one million copies worldwide; while work for John Digweed's Bedrock imprint further cemented an ever-growing reputation alongside the full-length album, "As Long As The Moment Exists" and its follow-up remix album on behemoth Australian imprint, EQ.

Never one to rest on his proverbial laurels, Chris' productions have seen him take on the mantle of highly regarded modern producer with releases spanning the underground sound including most recently on Bedrock, Balance, Selador, Chronovision, Sullivan Room, Maya, Manual, Ground Factory, 530Techno, Mindwarp and his own imprint Fade. His remixes and collaborations since 2009 tell their own tale, as Chris remains as integral, relevant and at the leading edge in the Underground as ever. With an innate and immaculate sense of what makes the industry tick, built upon longstanding personal experience, Fortier's musical evolution shows no sign of extinction.

2014 will welcome Chris' 2nd full-length artist album coming soon.
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