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foto King Kembe
NaamDekembe Molina
HerkomstSint Maarten
DJ King Kembe grew up as Dekembe Molina on the beautiful island of Sint Maarten with dreams of becoming an entertainer. He started pursuing his dream a few years ago and quickly gained popularity on the island as the fresh new face in the club scene! Kembe has emerged as one of the island's top requested DJs and has also been getting booked throughout the region including Aruba, Anguilla, Dutch Caribbean and Guadeloupe. DJ King Kembe is also the official DJ for the rap group Bush Boys from the regional hit "Where You From" and "She Wild". For Sint Maarten's 2015 Carnival, Kembe was selected to be the official DJ for the Soca Rumble show in the Carnival Village and played in front of 5000+ patrons! Keep checking deviage...
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Party agenda King Kembe
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 26 juli 2019: Zomercarnaval at Night, Maassilo, Rotterdam
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