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foto Adon
NaamRaúl Adon
Geboortedatum9 januari
Genresafro, kizomba, semba, zouk
This is a man driven by an unbridled and relentless passion for music. Adon is a born perfectionist, striving to stay on top of the musical scene he's helped build. Even though he lives an extraordinary life as one of the world's most popular Kizomba DJs, he has always remained a down-to-earth guy. Adon is constantly on the move, either with the music he works in his studio, or en route to his next high-end club, or international festival around the globe.

Adon: "It's not just love for music, it's my passion. It goes beyond liking, and beyond a hobby. It's about a way of living. Music is essential to my life."
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 27 november 2015: Bachata Mania, Pandoer, Asten
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