25 december 2017
NaamOphelia Sullivan
Functie1 × live act
HerkomstDuitsland 🇩🇪
Genreselectronica, experimental, noise


ECSTASPHERE is a solo project by multidirectional musician Ophelia Sullivan. Deep, warm Rhythmic Noise surfaces meet powerful beat structures and complex melodic architectures. Combined with elements of various genres such as Industrial and Dubstep, Metal, Breakbeats, Classical Music and the occasional use of Ophelia's (usually polyphonic) vocals, a unique sound emerges, characterized by sharp contrasts and a dense, haunting atmosphere.

The concept behind this project consists of reflecting the very core of Ophelia's intellectual, spiritual and emotional existence by transforming fragments of her mind into sound. The result of this artistic process is an omnipresent mirror of herself, for no expressive device in the world can reproduce her truth as accurate as music can. The artist herself has had quite an unusually passionate relationship with music through the years; it has always been the shape of choice for pretty much everything - music is indeed the love of her life.

Uitgaansagenda Ecstasphere

Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 31 maart 2018: Claustrophobia, MAX, Alphen aan den Rijn


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