NaamKelly Verpoorten
Leeftijd27 - 28
Genresminimal, techhouse, techno


ANNA KAIL was born in 1992 in Antwerp, Belgium.
She's better known as Kelly Verpoorten and she started to play as a dj in 2013, when she discovered Antwerp nightlife and she started working in the nightclub called Noxx Antwerp she found out she had a deep interest for electronic music.
There she also played one of her first big gigs for H.I.M festival.
Music is her biggest dream in life and as she is a fighter she never gave that dream up.
Inspired by dj's like tale of us, Maceo Plex, Patrice Baumel and Marco Bailey she created her own style where dark melodic vibes and strong techno beats are crossing eachother.
She kept on working on her music and had the chance to play in belgian clubs like Club Vaag, King's Club and La Rocca.
When she playes she takes you on a journey and try to express her emotions in the music.

She strongly believes in intuition and this leaded her to Ibiza in 2016.
This was the first year she stayed there whole summer and worked there as a waitress on a boatparty.
Being under the sun, between positive energies and people enjoying the music, that might be exactly the reason she loves playing as a dj so much.. to make the people happy with music.

After another season on the island rich of new experiences, like playing in places as Destino and Zoo Project, she's ready for what's waiting for her in Belgium.

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