foto Lamot
NaamEric de Graaff
Genresacid, ambient


DJ Lamot (Eric de Graaff) is one of those guys back from the days that the Acid just had began to become sour. Already in 1989, the Acid virus grabbed him and after a year he found his favorite spot behind the crappy pick-ups of his grandfather.

Looking for the often forgotten roots of contemporary dance music he significantly expanded his vinyl collection in 1992 by making a big buy at the Smoke & Water Damage Store for less than 50 Guilder cents per record. A year later he appeared behind the decks at Zodiak Commune, where he always stayed as a handyman, VJ, but most of all as one of the most eccentric resident DJs of Zodiak Commune with its own unique blend of Oldskool Acid House, Ambient and Acid Trance. Meanwhile Lamot also was the gifted founder of the still existing VJ Collective LXDTV, co-founder of U-Niks - as currently run by DJ Bor - team lead at Orkapot - where he hosted his own "Lost Tracks in Space" editions - and closely involved in the Adapter collective. But whatever Lamot finds on his path, the road always leads back to Zodiak Commune, where he always manages to touch the sensitive chord with that one record that no one else dares to play. He can bring it on loud, but the seasoned sensitive ears is what he is aiming for.

Uitgaansagenda Lamot

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 12 oktober 2019: Zodiak Commune, Lab-1, Eindhoven

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dilemma aka klanklab
Lamoootttt :respect:
:D toffe gast
Net n smiley....:)
vette oldskool dj
Jack Wax
:) :) Bendegij er zo ene - prijs je jezelf - ma-ma-ma-marinaaaa - Ik ben officieel fan - Hahahahahahaha :):):):)
helemaal geweldig..­al zeg ik ut zelf
Ziggy Williams
ROFL @­ Dilemma....­ maar vooral vrolijk en altijd gezellig!

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