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Founded in 2004, the complete aesthetic experience encompassing clothing, musical composition and fine art. Inspired by Andy Warhol's Factory HQ, it produces multi-disciplinary works united by a sense of contemporary noir.

Self taught designer and musician Danny Broddle began Passarella in early 2004, originally selling in only a fewfetish shops in London, Passarella t-shirts soon began to catch the eye of some of the world's best retailers.Passarella Death Squad, made in London using Japanese fabric
Danny Broddle has always been fascinated by the Japanese culture, hence deciding to only use high quality fabrics that come straight from Japan.

Over the years Passarella Death Squad commercial designs and products have been sold at some of the world's best retailers around the world, such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Liberty's, Colette, Bloomingdales, Podium & TSUM Russia and many, many more, with the stocklist growing each season.

The brand has also collaborated with a variety of brands from Casio, Penthouse, London music venue KOKO, iconic Acid house club Shoom, designer Mihara Yasuhiro, Oki-Ni and Urban Out tters U.S, which has brought a more vast exposure and more opportunities for the years to come.
The fame of Passarella Death Squad didn't take long time to take off, as it has been featured in respectful publications including Dazed, The Guardian, Interview, i-D, Vice, Hypebeast etc.

Passarella Death Squad artwork.
Once a year, Danny Broddle produces new series of artworks. Each series of artworks comes with a little story, something that inspired him to approach the subject matter. The artworks are then placed on commercial unisex pieces of clothing, such as t-shirts, bomber jackets and coach jackets to embrace the free street culture. A selection of stores, allowed the brand to have a 360 approach, to present the three disciplines, in a launch event, where the framed artworks were placed next to the clothing, and with some occasions, Danny Broddle himself, playing records to complete the aesthetic.
Le Bon Marché in Paris, Storm in Copenhagen, SuperAmarket in Tokyo, Concrete in Amsterdam and End. in Newcastle, gave the opportunity to Passarella Death Squad to present the work in an installation format.

Passarella Death Squad music.
A diverse combination of contemporary electronica and haunting songs, supported by some the world's most in demand DJ's, such as Optimo, Daniel Avery, Norman Nodge (Berghain), Joe Goddard (Hot Chip / The 2 Bears) and many more. Passarella Death Squad rst released their debut 12" in May 2007, since then a series of releases followed including the huge 'Temperature's Rising' collaboration track with techno artist Perc. Their track 'Just like sleep' is featured in the number 1 adventure video game 'Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice'.

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