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Daniel Maalman is a sound artist, musician, producer and interactive media artist from The Netherlands. Under the alias of Polymer, Daniel produces and performs electronic music in a variety of flavours, that cover a wide range of styles.

This wide range of styles all have a common denominator: they all more or less belong within the spectrum of psychedelic music. Atmospheric and dreamy ambient, psychedelic dub, funky dub-techno, groovy electronica, but also melodic and hypnotic progressive psychedelic techno.

"In my musical endeavours I like to find the borders of what defines a style, to subsequently ignore this border by stirring something else into it that I like, to make something I haven't heard before. Since I play my livesets genuinely live, with synthesizers and without a fixated storyline, no performance is ever exactly the same.

Before playing as Polymer, I used to make psychedelic dub, progressive and full-on psychedelic with my former project Cavemen / Cavemen in Dub, producing and performing for many years. Two high points during this project were our performance on Tree of Life Festival in 2013 in Turkey and a track release on Iboga Records in 2015 on the Tupilak compilation by Alexander Descroix.

Additionally to the music, I created a visual live experience with my Spanish friends that are called 'Micromunditos Project'. Since 2016 we play live as 'The Polymer Experience' on festivals, me with my liveset, together with the visual live experience by Micromunditos. These visuals are not created with a computer, but in real time, with microscopes, paints, inks, liquids, rotating mechanics, kaleidoscopic camera's, drawings and objects, that give a hallucinatory dimension to the music. Lo-fi tools to create a hi-fi experience. "

The musical spectrum during Polymer live performances is divided in three separate flavours:

Psychedelic downtempo, ambient techno & progressive psychedelic uptempo.

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 30 november 2019: Trance Oriënt Express, Kerk Ruigoord, Amsterdam
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