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FunctieDJ, live act
Genresprogressive trance, tech trance, trance


Dirty Prog in Town .. in 2010 while chatting with his labelhead Logic Spin, Necmi asked him how to get his sounds more clean.
Logic Spin's respond was "Ey diggi, your sound is dirty and cool, thats what it makes it unique and is working like hell on the floor, so why u wanna change it ? ..follow your way, bro' and a new genre was born ... Necmi had been testing, playing, fiddling and experimenting with music from a very young age, first beginning this experimentation with a tape and record player creating short samples in the early 80's, after he had been playing the guitar for several years.
In 1992 the electronic movement grabbed him and he started with his first live gig in 1994 called Nashcore on techno raves...

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 22 februari 2020: Loco Carnival,, Krefeld
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