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Genreshouse, minimal, techhouse
Affiliated to his Italian and Greek roots, Alberto has been an integral part of Luxembourg's vibrant House & Techno scene playing his records across the city for the last few years.

Operating as a DJ mainly, a rarity nowadays. Alberto's passion for digging deep in search of timeless records along with a tastemaker's ear for quality has earned him to be able to share his digging around Europe. A record collection spanning over 5yrs has given him depth and an original sound fusing the current cutting edge of house & techno and forgotten gems of the past.

Now a long serving OSC resident, Alberto matured quickly at the infamous Epic Underground Club then Studio21 before moving to its current home at the Luxembourgish hotspot; Melusina.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 10 november 2017: Spaced Out, PIP, Den Haag
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