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Kobe_Chen is a national figure in the dance music scene of China. Locally, in his city Changsha, he is known as the man that brought genuine dance music to the people. From his early days on the club circut, to his present day project, the home of Changsha's underground music scene, Club Resident; he has been involved with every step in the growth of dance music locally. Nationally, Kobe can be found on the bill together in clubs and festivals all over the country alongside the other pioneering Chinese DJs that have built up the Chinese dance music scene from its roots. As a promoter, he had a leading role in pioneering local events such as the 2009 cruse party Freedom Trip and 2013's Changsha Liuyang River Electronic Music Festival...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 20 oktober 2018: Black Kat & Toxic, Bar Lunar, Amsterdam
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