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foto Luca Cassani
NaamLuca Cassani
Genreshouse, techhouse
One of the most refined and sought after Italian house DJ's and producers, this is the merit of a long and incomparable musical culture that has seen Luca glide through a very important 28 year career making him one of the most admired and accomplished remixers on the planet according to such icons as MARC CERRONE and LAURA PAUSINI. He has worked with some of the strongest labels on the worldwide scene such as DEFECTED and PURPLE MUSIC and continues to have releases on an ever growing list of international top labels. For Laura Pausini he remixed 'If That's Love' and in particular 'Escucia Atento' that in 2006 won a Grammy Award. With Cerrone the collaboration has been moving forward for many years now such as the 'Best Of Mixes Vol...
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