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foto Anthony Drone
Genresdarkpsy, industrial techno
Anthony Drone discovered his passion towards music at an early age by playing the guitar. After a couple of years he felt that something was missing. Due to His love for freedom and his adoration for not having any boundaries and limits. He realized that the guitar has limited sounds and it doesn't have the capacity to let him express his melodies that runs through his head constantly .Got lost by then. But fortunately a passion towards clubbing grew inside him and this is when he met with electronic music. A world with no boundaries, a world where u can express with no limits and this is when he was enhanced, dedicated and motivated towards music and only music. His ambition didn't let him to stop at DJing and production...
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Party agenda Anthony Drone
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 7 oktober 2017: Unleashed, Slakthuset, Stockholm
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