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foto Vincent Casanova
Genresdub, house, minimal, techno
Vincent Casanova has been immersed in Electronic Music since 2000— though he began playing the drums and guitar long before he acquired a synthesiser. His first vinyl release arrived in 2004 on New York's Sifted Recordings; since then, he's worked hard in the studio to compile a sizeable discography that consists of four full-lengths and many more EPs, shared between labels including Tip Tap Records, Tzinah Records, and Archipel —the latter of which will also release his Esoterica album in 2017. He is also beginning to DJ in clubs across Europe, having refined his skills playing at smaller venues and after-parties in New York city, just a few hours from his birthplace of Connecticut...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 21 oktober 2017: Manjumasi ADE Showcase, Feijoa, Amsterdam
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