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foto Astin
NaamGiulio Ciardiello
Genrestechhouse, techno
Giulio aka Astin was born in Naples, 12 years later he moves to Caserta where start his love for the music listening a grunge group, 'Nirvana". The adolescence music drives him in the hip hop direction, and it is still in his music today.

In '99 Astin goes in touch with House and tech house music, he goes to club in Campania and starts to playing in that club
In 2007 he moves to bologna, where he knows new places and he appreciates new kinds of music like minimal continuing to look for his music style.

In 2009 he releases his first ep whit Paked Music in Madrid, in the same year he become notorious playing in the most famous club of bologna, Cassero, Kinder Garten, RedRum,The Club, Doc Show.
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 19 oktober 2017: Moan × Nonstop, Club Up, Amsterdam
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