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Rawspeare are two guys from the Netherlands who met each other in 2014 via the event agency they both worked for, Shairox as a DJ and Shawn Malaix, previously known as Imma Noodle, as a host/MC. While working together in the past few years, they noticed they had an amazing chemistry and a lot of similar interests, so they started working on some music together in their private time. And from that moment on the sound and mindset of Rawspeare came to live. Capturing thoughts, emotions, feelings and creating stories out of it in musical form.

Shairox was already well known in the Dutch scene with his dynamic dj sets across the country, and on well known Dutch radio stations such as FunX.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 30 december 2018: SoSoSavage, Escape Club, Amsterdam
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