Functielive act, DJ
Ibaaku is an artist in motion propelled by an insatiable appetite for eclectic sound.
Having produced several other artists' records and released two albums with his successive groups since the late 90s he becomes an important figure of the Senegalese hip hop scene.
He moves it as an eccentric insider, a singular artist free from b-boy codes and attitudes.
His creative route has gradually led to different genres Hip Hop soul, jazz, folk that he explores always momentarily, always at their borders. Curious about the world and what is current in the arts, focused into blasting walls and frontiers build in music by the market, he is among the
Millennial who shape the vanguard of contemporary art on the African Continent.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 20 oktober 2017: Pllek Live Stage × Nightcare, Pllek, Amsterdam
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