NaamLotte Walda
Functiezangeres, band, gitaar
Genrescountry, pop, world


Lotte Walda (20) from Heerlen is a singer-songwriter and street artist in heart and soul. Through her music she wants to inspire and convey her love for people and nature to the world. Her open-mindedness and disarming character ensure that Lotte gets a lot of love, but also gives a lot of love to the people around her.

Lotte's songs are characterized by strong melodies, catchy lyrics and her special, authentic voice. Lotte complements her own music with covers from the 60s and 70s. Lotte is compared with artists like Melanie Safka and Joni Mitchell.

Lotte develops her love for music at a young age. Everything is music in the Walda residence. Lotte sings sooner than she can talk! At age 11 she gets her first singing lessons. Her mother encourages her to participate in talent competitions. In 2014 she joins Kunstbende with the song 'In Your Arms' from Chef'Special and she wins the Pinkpop Cover Contest, allowing Lotte to perform on Pinkpop in the same year.

In 2016 Lotte performs in a sold out Paradiso, the Dutch pop temple. Together with Douwe Bob Lotte performs the self-written duet 'The Days in September'. In the same year Lotte's debut single 'Barefoot' is released. In 2017 followed by the single releases of 'Bag Full of Dreams' and 'Out of the Circle', for which Lotte collaborates with producer by Reyn Ouwehand. In that same year, Lotte and her band again play at Pinkpop.

Together with producer Gino Bombrini (Komodo) Lotte is currently working on her first 5-track EP (release: autumn 2018). On May 18 2018 her new single was released, entitled 'Let it Flow'. In the summer of 2018 Lotte can be admired live at festivals at home and abroad.

Uitgaansagenda Lotte Walda

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 28 september 2019: Suntribe Festival, Buitenfort, Wommelgem
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