Björn Störig (foto)
NaamBjörn Störig
Lid van groepThe Koletzkis
Boekingen viaSite
There are many musicians who decide to become DJs. Most of the time they remain musicians who are mixing music. With Björn Störig, this is different. He has always been both. When he is 13 he gets his first drum kit of his dad, who has played the drums for as long as Björn can remember. Soon after he starts DJing in his hometown Braunschweig. Now in 2011, Björn is back behind the decks more than ever, and also producing his own music and continuing to be the drummer of 'The Koletzkis". But let's start from the beginning.
Björn has always been influenced and inspired by rhythmic music. After playing the drums in various funk and rock bands in his teen- age years, he gets his first pair of decks and a mixer at the age of 16...
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