I started with being a DJ at the end of 2013.
At first i never thought i would be a DJ ever in my live.
I made my own music since 2008 but there was no interaction with the listeners of it.
So in 2013 i decided to buy myself an turntable become a DJ. ( DJ HOOKEDARTEFACTS )
I started as a local DJ in my hometown and the people there told me i could do better.
So i decided to step my game up and go to the nearest city to find the spotlight.
After spinning for some month's in my hometown i found an invite for dj's at a dj contest.
I checked in, won the spot and i've grown since then.
After i got noticed there i got asked by serveral clubs and Invited to spin by good friends.
That's the moment i decide to become Dj Lenix !
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