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UK born DJ, producer and record collector living in Italy, Patrick Gibin aka TwICE started his own record label Blend it! in 2011 with the first release of his Black Aroma edits series. Supported and played by respected DJs and producers like Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittman, Volcov, Glenn Underground, Hunee, Floating Points, Sadar Bahar, Lee Collins, Specter (to name a few), Black Aroma is going for its 8th release in 2015.
Together with NATIVE, also part of the Sounds Familiar roster, TwICE gave birth, in 2014, to the Flying Machines project: Edits, reworks and remixes of obscure and forgotten tracks reaching across different genres and inspirations. The second Flying Machines EP was released in july 2015 and was quickly sold out.
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