foto Hyper Trey
NaamTresor Kembisala
Genresafro house, trap


Dj Hyper Trey started spinning records at his home a big year ago.
When he realized that this wasn't just a hobby but a passion;
he started to push himself more, and started spinning everyday until he created a sound that he could call it's own.
He started spinning at his friends house; better known as Dj Hulk.
After a few months he had his first Big kick off in the German club taksim with the legendary Fatman Scoop!
He kept on going further and in the summer of 2015 he became a local dj together with his friend Dj Hulk and the Bangsquad.
Frankfurt radio Killaz invited Hyper Trey to spin at their party last summer. Also is he known as a local dj at RnB sunday at Ikon club.
Still at the beginning of his career, Hyper Trey is making himself a name that more and more people are noticing.
Feel free to listen to my tracks.
Summer 2016 will be Hyper!

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 20 juli 2019: Made in Africa, IKON, Antwerpen
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