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NaamLukas Stern
Genreshouse, techno
Goose bumps, electrifying, surprising, innovative - these words can descripe Lukas Stern probably best. A special artist who attract the crown with his appearance, his versatility, his ability to reinvent himself and inspire the masses. Electronic dance music is everywhere these days, only a few artists stand out from the rest in this genre. Lukas Stern dares new musical paths and therefore he managed to be heard and get recognition in the electronic music scene. Based in Stuttgart he has won the hearts of the crowd since 1994 and still has big goals, the first releases are published and are played by many colleagues. Luke lives and loves music, and wants to share with the Crowd...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 5 augustus 2017: Nature One, Raketbasis pydna, Kastellaun
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