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Everything started from two projects originating from completely different musical backgrounds in Brussels, Belgium. On the one side, Deejay G.A, beatmaker and DJ, gets most of its infuence from US hip hop and trap. On the other side, Steppa, DJ/ producer,
influenced by the electronic music world (House, electro, dubstep, DNB, ...). In 2016, these two artists decided to join forces to create a new eclectic duo under the name of "Cheery-O".
Cheery-O have some tracks released on international labels like «Trastyle Franc» and «Black Gizah Records» (Kid Noize's label). They also put their single, "Booty Gal" on Daddy K's album, which becomes a golden disk at every release...
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 16 juli 2017: City of Dance festival, Veerseweg, Middelburg
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