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foto The Howlin'
NaamJoel Gaerthé
Tess Gaerthé
Nick Croes
Isai Reiziger
Bill Mookhoek
Joel Dieleman
Tess Gaerthé, Tess Gaerthé
Genresfolk, funk, rock, soul
The Howlin's discovery sails alive as the band takes you by the hand on their musical journey, discovering different genres they all personally feel connected to. Some band members are passionate old skool Hip Hop fans, while others prefer Alternative above anything else. Besides that, they all agree to folk and rock. On their EP This Road The Howlin' smartly combines their favourite music into a sound that typifies their vibe: modern – rough around the edges – soulful tunes with a raw, but sexy, twist. And if you feel this sounds a little too much of an eclectic mix for your liking, you've obviously never heard a band like The Howlin' before. They just connect on both a musical and spiritual level.
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Party agenda The Howlin'
Laatste optreden was op zondag 16 september 2018: Breda Barst, Valkenbergpark, Breda
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