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Chico Chiquita is actually not only loving, but also living music. His musical education started in early years and was very versatile: Violin, Drums, Keyboards, Gospel choir, Jazz-Combo, Deejaying. And this finally became his full-time job: From 2001 on, Chico painted the town red and played quite everywhere in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area. In 2004 he started studying "Music Business' at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg and became one of it's official DJs. Around that time, Chico regularly released tracks, remixes and bootlegs under diverse pseudonyms like 'Chicolo', 'Chique Jewelz' (with EDM Star-DJ of Revealed Rec. Jewelz), 'D.C.F.', "Harrison Jones' or "Stereodudes', on labels like P.I.A.S., ZYX, Tokabeatz, SonyBMG Poland, Toptrax, Amused Records and many more.

In 2006, also Chico's Business-career started: first he worked as a trainee at the then very successful labels Superstar Recordings and the former sister labels 8bit and Amused Records. After that, he started working as a Promotion Manager and Junior Product Manager at Toptrax, who at that time released the official sunshine live-, Mayday- and Nature One Compilations. In 2010, Chico was the responsible creative manager for the big festival compilations of i-Motion.
In 2009 Chico started to be the driving force behind the radio, event and compilation brand "House Rotation' (formerly "House Edition') on radio sunshine live together with Greg Silver. The two are still on air every saturday, hosting the weekly show now named "Warm Up'. In the same year, Chico Chiquita and Greg founded the House- and Electro label "120dB Records', where they discovered and signed Laserkraft 3D, who reached the top 10 single charts with "Nein, Mann!' in 5 European countries and brought Chico a gold record! Since then, most of the releases on 120dB by the likes of Le Shuuk, Hochanstaendig or Filip Riva entered the DDC (German Dance Charts) due to Chico's trained ear and A&R-abilities. In 2013 Chico Chiquita was for the first time responsible for the DJ Mix of the official sunshine live-Compilation and "Mix Mission 2013'.
In the last years his highly acclaimed DJ- performances at events like "Neonsplash', "Word Club Dome / Hypercat Club Stage', "Holi Gaudy', "Radio Nation', "sunshine live Fünfzehn', "Farbgefühle' or "Ein Tag am Rhein' always left the audiences back excited. In 2014 Chico also took back the center stage as a producer with "Ready, Aim, Fire' (incl. Le Shuuk Remix). This year his EDM weapon "Bailout' will follow.

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 6 juli 2019: Ruhr-in-Love, Olgapark, Oberhausen