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Charles André aka Charles Fenckler is a young French producer and the latest in new talent to have joined Soma, the emblematic Scottish record label founded by Slam in 1991.
Passionate about music from a young age, he has matured into a full fledged producer composing modern Techno to which he adds his own feelings and emotions drawing inspiration from icons such as Ø [Phase], Skudge or Shed.

Fully included into the new generation of talented European producers, Charles Fenckler is a child from post-raves movements living in a world where electronic music doesn't need to struggle anymore and has been entirely accepted by the society.
Animated by these progressives motivations, he's not looking for models and rather gets to distinguish himself thanks to a total freedom in his creations, taking the best from what he earned along his path.
Now rewarded for his painstaking approach to techno music, his tracks are played from Awakenings to Weather Festival and also including clubs likes Berghain, Verboten, Le Rex, Sub Club and Spazio Tempo to name a few.
Not to mention this success wouldn't have been possible without the early support from many of the most respected producers ranging from worldwide known artists such as Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, Joseph Capriati or Alan Fitzpatrick to vinyl diggers that all have forcast the bright future of his.

With such musical knowledge for someone so young and a unique sense for banging techno, Charles Fenckler impressed the everlasting Soma Records where he'll released his debut album due to the autumn 2016.
Knowing that the first releases including the huge «District Two» and « Frozen Room » have all gained international attention from media such as DJ Mag, Mixmag, Decoded and Trax, he will be the one to watch this new season.

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 10 juni 2017: Boothstock Festival, Kralingse Bos, Rotterdam
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