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Mathias aka O.D.Math has been a part of Belgian music scene for over 10 years. Starting his career at private events he was quickly booked to Brussels most prominent parties and clubs. From general audience to underground, no crowd was left behind with O.D.Math at the decks. Always on the cutting edge with latest releases, infusing his sets with retro tracks and unexpected gems, he has grown fast as a DJ in the traditional definition of the term following the footsteps of the finest DJ stars Belgium has given birth to.

It is in the underground house music that O.D.Math felt he had more opportunities of expressing himself. Around 2009 he decides to commit to the sound of the underground and joins Play Label and Borderline Corp. collectives with whom he plays countless events around Brussels and Belgium together with biggest artists in the business including H.O.S.H., Nic Fanciulli, Uner, Rodriguez Jr., Marc Romboy, Oliver Huntemann, Tiefschwarz and Dj T. just to name a few. Residency at The Wood club in Brussels followed shortly as well as a summer residency at the newly musically rebranded Papagayo in Saint-Tropez in France.

Self-expression through DJ sets was soon not enough and it was only a matter of time before O.D.Math turned to music production. He joined Brussels-based Electronical Reeds label with remixes for O-Live and Lex Newton and an original track on 3 years release that were warmly welcomed by international artists. He has now also released his first solo EP, Deliverance, with a strong remix from Kiki and is currently preparing his next gems with his slightly dark Berlin-infused vibes.

Backed up by a long DJ career, refined style and a crate full of underground gems, O.D.Math is a strong addition to any underground line-up at the events that are worth attending.

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Laatste feest was op zondag 11 oktober 2020: Thé Dansant, Abbaye de Villers, Villers-la-Ville
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