Márcio Vermelho (foto)
NaamMárcio Vermelho
With a history of good taste and eclecticism, in his quest for musical quality on the dancefloors, Márcio Vermelho has gained a large following. In São Paulo, he is resident DJ and curator of ODD and LAÇO parties, as well as playing regularly at various well-known clubs and major events.
A big fan of house and disco music, his repertoire includes lots of variations on these styles, always composing a diverse repertoire in terms of references and eclecticism within the world of new electronic music.

Part of the dance music scene for many years, Márcio Vermelho gave his first professional show at the renowned Mi Casita party in 2001.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 6 mei 2017: DGTL, Rua Jussara, Barueri
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