foto Noiseproviders
NaamHarold van der Heijden & John van Vlierberghe
FunctieDJ, groep
AliasStatic & JKay


The Noise Providers consists of Harold van der Heijden and John van Vlierberghe; both gentlemen come from the southern parts of the Netherlands. They are also known as Static & JKAY.
Their passion for music started at an early age, during that time turn up the bass tapes were hot and these guys were hooked! Not long after that the first turntables were purchased and their passion continued..
They started performing at school parties and at local clubs and it didn't take to long before the clubs became bigger and spread across the Netherlands. They started to play at festivals too.Daydream Festival, Harmony of Hardcore, Sunglow Festival and Last World were all ticked off...

Uitgaansagenda Noiseproviders

Harmony of Hardcore 6 muziek · Warm-up Mix · Dr. Terror · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 6 (40:58)
muziek · Warm-up Mix · Deadly Guns · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 5 (31:26)
muziek · Warm-up Mix · Amnesys · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 4 (32:43)
muziek · Warm-up Mix · Maissouille · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 3 (29:41)
muziek · Warm-up Mix · Rob · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 2 (39:31)
muziek · Warm-up Mix · Gabber Syndrome · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 (29:44)
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