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NaamGiovanni Agusta
Genresdeep tech, techhouse, techno
AGUGIO is the musical project of Giovanni Agusta out of Cape Town, South Africa. From as early as he can remember Gio's passion for music has always been at the centre of his life. With his background in classical music and acoustic instruments, Gio's love for the Guitar and Piano have always been a huge influence in his music and sound with melodies and grooves that are a testimony to a love for musicality.
In the recent years, Gio's drive for making music took an electronic turn as his passion found a new love for Techno and the Deeper side of Tech House, and not before long, did he find himself in studio collaborating with friends and laying down his own personal feel in the form of AGUGIO...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 5 augustus 2017: Cirque Magique, Festivalterrein, Ledegem
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