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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 15 februari 2020: A State Of Trance 950, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht
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Happy New Year to you too Raf!!

Im not going to QT. Wish you a hell of a party and hope the santa comes with many gifts for you!

Tanks sweetie and i hope you get the same.­

Hopefully i see you soon again some time.­

Take care kus kus
hehehe what a funny Xmas card :D thnx!!!

what a party right saturday!!! looking forward to go to the HMH!! are you coming alone or with people? tkaing the car? hotel?

cu soon sweety!!!

Hey sweety,

Wish you all the best for 2010 too..
Unfortunately my free days will be fucked this year..
Broke 2 whirls on the right side of my back with slaying of the hill..
Chrashed with my back into an fence, and have to rest for 6 weeks..
After that starting to move again, so I'm like an old lady now..

No Qountdown and XQ Headhunterz for me, so thats very sad..
Wish you great parties, and hope to see you soon again!

Lovee (k) Marloes
Hey Raf!

Wish you also a merry christmas and a wonderfull newyear!! :D
Hope to see you soon in 2010!
It's getting time to party together again! Isn't it?

Merry Christmas!!
and see you next week!!

Hee Rafael,
You also a great christmas and see you NYE finally ;) haha

hug en (k)
Merry Christmas!!!

See you next wknd.. :D :bounce:

Rafael Mate.. Merry Christmas to you too ;)

Also enjoy your free days and have fun at the party tomorrow :flower:
See you next week.. can't wait for it!! :d You bring in a big bottle of champagne again, like few years ago? B)

Cheers :mixje:
laatste aanpassing
Rafael mate B)

Wish you also a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :D B)!

I hope we'll see eachother @ Qountdown, and have a few beers! B) :bier:

Hey raf!

There aren't enough friends who are going to qountdown.
So i'll see you next year :)
then we are going to party together again.
It's too long ago!
Have a great time @ qountdown!!

Happy new year 2 you 2!!!
Enjoy the party.­ Hopefully we will see eachother more often the upcoming year...­

heee raf,
Nice to meet you even i don't see ya almost all night :P haha
How was your flight back?
Did you have a late outcheck ;):P

Raffi. how was the army?? very cold I guess?
when are you and oli comming back to holland? it has been a while..
Hardbass for sure??


how was your sunday? did you go to bloemendaal?
how was emporium?

CU in 2 weeks raf!!!!

Uitspraak van (CH) - Rafael op zondag 30 mei 2010 om 23:17:
Yeah cu wîth defqon! do you stay in amsterdam??

no, im travelling back alone to The Hague, kelly sleeps at her sisters place and heidie at nancy's.

so no room for me ;) but i will sleep in my own bed (L)

happy birthday!!!!


happy B-day raf!! here from dubai ;)

we celebrate your b-day in sydney!! see you in 3 weeks :cheer:

big (K)
Gefeliciteerd kerel! :D Have fun in Australia.. won't be a problem I guess..:D
Happy birthday dude!

last Sat' you told me you were fond of early hs:

listen to this and let me know what you think about it: Rab-Beat - In front of the past (early hardstyle set)

take care!

hope to see you soon again!
Hey sweety..
Hope u had a great time on Q-Base.. I sure had :) Even if I felt a little bit ill in the end :(
Hope I see u soon again and hope u will have a fantastic party on DefQon Australia :cheer:

Are u planning to come to Sweden and Majestic 12??

Puss & Kram ;)
Haaj Raffie!

I had a great week with you guys!:yes: Was super GEZELLIG!:cheer:
Enjoy the rest of your trip. Be gezellig!;)
And hope to see ya soon in the Netherlands! Than we can voetje vrijen!:lol:

Nearly partytime again!:cheer: :bounce: :D
Look forward to it! Only 10 days left till the gezellige Qlimax weekend!:D

I see you at defqon??

it has been way to long since we met :nocheer:
Uitspraak van (CH) - Rafael op maandag 13 juni 2011 om 16:01:
Yeah at Defqon for sure ;-) Do you also have an extended ticket??

nope regular, but maybe I have to make pictures. not sure what I get then ;)

Happy B-day!
Enjoy youre day!
Are you at Q-base?? (Y)
happy birthday m8 ;)