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WoonplaatsParijs (Frankrijk)
Favoriete genresdirty house, electro, hardcore, hardstyle, hip hop, house, raw hardstyle
Lid sinds13 juni 2011 20:35
Laatst hier2 oktober 2017 17:30
Laatste aanpassingwoensdag 6 december 2017 om 14:33 door het systeem
Laatst bezochte feest was op zaterdag 21 juli 2018: Dominator Festival, E3 Strand, Eersel
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7 opmerkingen

Hi there Carole :D now you've got your own Partyflock (Y) we're also pleased to meet the both of you too! It was a great party, a great succes :P I asked Kevin for your lastname so I can find you @ Facebook, and allready got it. It would be nice if we meet again on another party :ja: the next party for us will be DOMINATOR 8)

Greets & Hug Desiree & Bas
Hi Missy!!

How are you?!!!
When are you in Holland again, so we can meet?!!
Are you and Kevin going tot Pussy Lounge this saturday??

Big kiss
Hi Chicka!!!

Yeah, ofcourse we are at Dominator!!!! We are there the whole weekend with 30 people!!

Are you and Kevin going to Free Festival next saturday? We are there to, it would be nice to see you again!!

Bye!!! Kus!
Hai :flower:,
I have a very nice finger ;-).
How are you? Are you at Free Festival last saterday?
The French Team Dank je "Trip & Teuf"
Respect 4 my friend Dj Son ;)

laatste aanpassing
Jooeehooee!! ;)

I'm fine and you?!

Yeah less than a month to Project! :D c u there! XX
Bonjour Carole :D

I hope you're with Kevin @ 17-12-2011 because there is ANOTHER edition of THUNDERDOME :cheer: You party-animal (Y) But we are keeping our fingers crossed because of the expecting extreme snow (again). I hope it will fall in the Alpes :lol: and nothing in Holland!!
Tonight there is al small party @ Apollo in Helden, 90's party; 2 brothers on the 4th floor, mental theo, Anita (2 unlimited), T-spoon and more :lol: the old shii ;)

Hugs & (K) Desiree & Bas!