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are there any US citizens here who are aware that they are all recognized by their government as being a terrorist?
And that your Constitution does not protect you from your civil liberties being taken away, and eventually you will be totally enslaved?

For proof see my personal text and my website.­
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We Euro's have known this to be true for some time,what were all worried about is now your country thinks it is time to police the rest of us,they already have access to all uk emails etc curteousy of His Highnesses friendship with Tony Blair
@­Blah: that's true.­

@­Bod: I'm a dutchman myself, and I am worried about the US people and the global population because eventually this is a global development to be carried out by the UN.­

Tony Blair is a freemason or Illuminatus, just like nearly all US presidents, and his ass-kissing the US is not limited to the Echelon project you are referring to.­ Global politics are planned by our world leaders at a place called Bohemian Grove, while they take a short break from their occult rituals and pedophilistic practices.­
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But seriously now, i assume this is about the 'new world order' stuff?
If they weren't strong enough to form this world order and enslave us all, then would they even think about it or try this? I don't think so.­ So that would mean they do have the power and we can't do anything about it..­
Yes, this is about the New World Order, but I was planning to start with some more concrete stuff.­
It so happens that the Illuminati have officially been established in 1776, simultaneously with the founding of the US.­ The Constitution and the USA have actually been founded by Illuminati.­

The only thing we can do against this development is to convince police and military worldwide not to cooperate in this evil scheme, and to convince the US population never to surrender their firearms.­

It may be no more than a drop on a hot plate, as we say here, but that is the reason I've started this topic.­
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And when do you think this new world shit will happen??
next year??
It is already happening due to the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act.­ The (shadow)government fools the people into thinking it is necessary to give up their rights to ensure homeland security.­ For instance, look into police deployment at the latest Republican Convention and the measures taken by FEMA after hurricane Katrina.­
(FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is the organisation formed supposedly to assist the people in case of a national disaster, yet only 7% of their budget is destined for aid, the other 93% is part of the "­Black Projects"­, meaning secret detention facilities and black helicopters.­)

There will be accumulating disasters and made-up threats, until the people will accept any measures the government deems necessary, or if it takes them too long they will simply do it.­

In The Netherlands, I think it was last week that the Secretary of Justice Donner called for imperking the right to free speech, and I just saw a topic here on audio-recording cameras in public places.­ These are all symptoms of this development.­
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By the way, these deceiving tactics are not invented by the US government, but have happened throughout recorded history.­

Emperor Nero burned down Rome so he had a reason to prosecute a small cult calling themselves Christians, because they were a threat to his power.­

Hitler ordered burning the Reichstag so the German people would accept measures against the communists, or any kind of "­threat".­

Roosevelt knew of the attack on Pearl Harbor 6 months in advance, and what did he do...­ he had the radar installation dismantled so his own troops couldn't see it coming.­

The first bombing of the WTC in 1993 was ordered by a government agency.­

The bombing of the Alfred P.­ Murrah building in Oklahoma was not conducted by the late Timothy McVeigh, but by an Iraqi Republican Guard flown in and protected by the government.­

The 9-11 attacks were conducted by order of the government, and there is a Presidential decrete stating that any law enforcement officer attempting to arrest any terrorism suspect, would be arrested himself for reasons of national security.­

Shortly afterwards, there was a spread of anthrax attacks throughout the country.­ The anthrax came from US laboratories.­

In short: they will do everything in their power to scare you and make you give up your rights.­
@­SingleMom: you don't agree to which part exactly?
I'd be very happy if you could prove me wrong.­
But since you are a resident of the US, it is very likely that you are considered to be a domestic terrorist, according to the FBI.­ Just view my personal text.­
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