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vanwege de toename van ontevreden early - liefhebbers,en om het earlyhardcore/oldskool forum een beetje schoon te houden.

hier kan alles geplaatst worden,van verschrikkelijk voorspelbare hitjesparade`s tot het gevloek en getier als je voor de zoveelste x een xtc love raveworld of bad dreams voorbij heb horen komen.

er zal nog veel meer zijn waar over geklaagd moet worden dus barst maar los.

en nou maar hopen dat de dj`s die hier te spraken komen er wat mee doen.8)
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What's that sound -> klassieker! Wat een zalige plaat is dat.­
Die Bountyhunter track is ook dik zeg.­
Uitspraak van Love is the answer op zaterdag 23 mei 2020 om 11:22:
What's that sound -> klassieker! Wat een zalige plaat is dat..­

Die samen met VCL, maar ik denk stiekum dat hij allebei is. :)
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OnderKoffer! MIX.695 (Techno & TECHNO)

Moby - Uhf 3
Waitz - Bad Boy
Rob Janssen - Don't Talk to Me
Hell Driver - Brain On Fire
Gary Burrows - No Law
Hell Driver - Firecracker
Indepth - We Are Beautiful
Dolby D - Save The Rave (Hell Driver RMX)
Drumcomplex & Fabio Neural - Uptempo (Drumcomplex RMX)
Phoenix Movement - Confusion (Bolster RMX)
Hell Driver - Extinction
Dave Sinner & Pleasurekraft - Alien Body Double
Dandi & Ugo, Steve Soprani - Answer
Hell Driver - Ride Or Die
Indepth - A New Language
Gary Burrows - I Am Ready (T78 RMX)
Hell Driver - Hostile Arrival
Space 92 - Delta
Dave Sinner - Between Now and Never
Danny Fontana & Lazar - Ethereal Resonance
Dave Simon - Luscious Paths
Gary Burrows - Can't Hold Back
DASQ - Goodfellas
Daniel Beknackt & Resonances - Attenction
Hell Driver - 86
i_o & Raito - Come With Me
T78 &· Dino Maggiorana - Hardcore
DJ Jordan - Acid Delight (Superstrobe RMX)
Beico - Universe
ICanc - Leunam (Ben Teufel RMX)
Brennen Grey - Voice of The Void
Tommy Holohan - Kap22
Niereich & Shadym - Flashbang
Gary Burrows - Frequency
Introversion - Laika
AIROD - Reaction
Jens Lissat & Christoph Pauly - Like 9 (Drumcomplex RMX)
Kai Pattenberg & Seimen Dexter · Triple (N.O.B.A RMX)
Remco Beekwilder - Midnight Marauders
Roentgen Limiter - Cosmic Trip
Indepth -Entwined
Indepth - Come With Me (N.O.B.A. RMX)
Gary Burrows - One Family
Nico Moreno - My Black rave
Brecc - Delusional World (ILLNURSE RMX)
Ellen Allien - La Música Es Dios
Turntable Terror - Turntable Tribal (1992)
Lowerzone - Verknipt People (Rhino Mix)
Opal - Dominator (Remco Beekwilder RMX)
Indepth - La Muerte
Blicz - Antares
Darzack - Fucking Masked Depression (Joe Farr RMX)
Dj Jordan & Droplex - Driving Force (Indepth RMX)
Trym - Untitled 20
Niereich - Warehouse Industries
Peder Mannerfelt - Sissel & Bass (Perc RMX)
Danilo Incorvaia - Cut4: TAME
Sub Imperium - Dark Adepts
Randomer - Sylo
Sub Imperium - Lera
Danilo Incorvaia - Conviction
WAST & F.E.M - V13
H.D.N - Fire
Airod - Divine Power
FALHABER - Breaking Trough
Sept - The Art Of Compromise
FALHABER - Forever
Randomer - Hidden
Danilo Incorvaia - Cut3:
Dance Or Die - Too Much DMT
DOCKER-9 - Future Belongs To The Brave
Danilo Incorvaia - Kong
Davide Sgarbi - Feel the Drums (Gollum RMX)
Randomer - Fear
DYEN - Tell You What I Know
JKS - Right Now
FRANKY-B - Nothing On My Mind
Incident Prism - Believe
FUERR - Bazar
JKS - Broken Down Speakerz
Ueberdruck - Turntable Junky (Ueberdruck & DJ Slideout RMX)
Mayeul - Allnite
Vere - Type B
WAST - Stabbing Energy
AnD - Cyan
K Ø Z L Ø V - Nightmare Come True
O.N.L - Revolution
WAST - Tranced Dancefloor
Darzack - Everything changes, everything is uncertain (NTBR RMX)
AnD - Strobe
Uberdruck Boys - Blue Pill (Uberdruck RMX)
FRANKY-B - Psychopath
DYEN - Drop That
FZL - Unreliable Thoughts
FRANKY-B - Unconditional Rave
LEMANE - Dystopian Infinity (FRANKY-B RMX)
vrov - Straight Explanation
Deep Dimension & DYEN - Chemical Overdrive
AnD - Move Your Body
TRANCEMAN2000 - Hector play my Record
Pawlowski - Bounty Hunter
FZL - Dishonesty
FZL - Quantum
WZX_O - It's Time To Dance
ACOUPHÈNES - Alerte Rouge
DOCKER-9 - Anger Management
Jan Vercauteren - Dysfunction
Fzl - Abdomen
Jan Vercauteren - Please Don't Stop
TRANCEMAN2000 - Frankfurt
Jan Vercauteren - Black Eyes
Turntable Terror - King Of Rock (Only For The Headstrong Mix)
Pawlowski - Operation Smackdown [Rave Mix]
D`Spyre - Weird ! (Entities In Space)
Danilo Incorvaia - Cut1: GRIM
Beyonder - Shoot That Motherfuck
Docker-9 - Instant Rave
WZX_O - No Sleep
YÅ - Attention
Rotterdam Terror Corps - We're Gonna Blow Your Mind
PAWLOWSKI - Emergency Broadcast (Oldschool Mix)
DOCKER-9 - Death Is Your Only Escape (PLEXØS RMX)
Wasteland - Ibiza (Pollo Mix)
DENIZENS - Rave Culture Is Dead
Wasting Program - Step Right Up Folks (Step Two Mix)
Wargroover - Skunk
Wasteland - - First Time On This Planet
Dance Overdose - Skabba Nation
X&trick - Unforgivable
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Echt lekkere track dit.

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OnderKoffer! MIX.696 (Techno & Early Hardcore)

Sledgod - Aliens
A-Noizes - Bioarms
All In One - Mama's Kick
Al Ferox - Doomplanet 2013
Ansome - Ripper Transistor
AIROD - Can't Fuck With Rave
Lowerzone - Bam
Angy Kore & Steve Shaden - Bow C Bow (2018 RMX)
Downwell - Out From Your Pain
Fifth Era - Untitled
CYRK - Age Of Rave
A-Noizes - Hexokinase (Champas RMX)
Ben Techy - Propaganda
Ace The Space - Nine Is A Classic (Backgammon Mix)
Indepth - Come With Me
Bjoern Torwellen - 90s Conspiracy
Face Hoover - The Sound
FALHABER - Don't You Try
Klangkuenstler - Ehre Und Gewalt
Ant & Lenny Dee - The Powertool (B).
Cristian Glitch - Dark Side (Marco Ginelli RMX)
Tellurian - Big Bad City (Dax.J Mix)
Oldschool Terrorists - Acieeed
Basswell - Mental Agony
Hune - Drive with You (Umbraid RMX)
WZX_O - Total Destruction
æsmå - ode a l'anarchie
Lectrolux - The House Is Surrounded (TEK RMX)
ABSURD - Cloister Conspiracy
Brothers Of Oldstyle - Dance To The House
Basswell - Believe In Me
Analogic Disturbance - Wait a Second (Rave Mix)
Kenny Kramp & Face Hoover - Phuture Rush (Rave Frontier RMX)
Anti Visa - Ahh Yeah
Fallen Angel - The Art Of Snorting (Face Hoover RMX)
PAWLOWSKI - Critical Crisis
Al Ferox - Rave is not dead
Carbine - We Are The Ravers!
Basswell - Break up
Deep Dimension & DYEN - Jaw Movements
Basswell - Rave 3
AMA & YKA - Crossover
æsmå - nous sommes la résistance
AnD - On The Fucking Edge
The Captain & Steve Thomas - The Leader
AD†AM & LILITH - Jeunes Fêtards
Darzack & O.N.L - Bastard
Captain Tinrib & Steve Thomas - Snap
FZL - Paranoid
Fierce Base - Power Trip (1997)
Ayahuasca - Psilocybin Overdose
Face Hoover - Rave Machine (Past Mix)
DOCKER-9 - Ils Vont Tous A Des Raves
AYAHUASCA - Dragon Soop
Black Knight - Keep It Going Now
FZL - Integrity
TRANCEMAN2000 - Bloodrave
FZL - Prospect
JAN VERCAUTEREN - Never Ending Story
Black Knight - Back To Tha "O" School
VCL - Pure Madness
WZX O X HEIDEN - Can't Wait
Kenny Kramp - Donkey Dust (Live At Cinetic-2002)
Dr Base - Don't Stop
X-Buzz - Overload
Face Hoover - The Awakening
AYAHUASCA - Vive La Ravelution
Face Hoover - Pure Fucking Armageddon
VCL - After Dreams Come Nightmares
VETA - Slammin
Face Hoover - Drop The Bass
Captian Tinrib - Manta (Hot Bird 3 Mix)
Black Knight - Bring The Basze
T-Bone Castro - Yo, U Ho..! (Live In Spain)
WZX_O - Pushing The Limit
D'SPYRE - Fire & Blood!
Face Hoover - The Warning
AYAHUASCA - Soundflow
Dyewitness - Battle For Your Mind
DRAH NEET - Dynamic Disorder
No Gravity - All The People (Rob & Tim B RMX)
Face Hoover - The Beat (Max E-Crew RMX)
ABR - MRG 9000
Public Domain - So Get Up
AYAHUASCA - Ravecore
Wasting Program - Tell Me What You Find
Lenny Dee - Oldskoolin
Wasting Program - Final Solution
Lenny Dee - The Dreamer
Public Domain - It's Not Over
Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments
King Dale - Utter (Reyes & van Dale RMX)
The DJ Producer - Downside Up
James Daltan - Have A Nice Day
DJ Paranoide & The Outsider - Soultaker
Cellblock X - Blugar Showboats
Bazooka - Lethal Breaks
Bazooka - Hyperfuck
B.C. Kid - Hard as Hell
Future Force Annihilator - Lost Treasure
The Mindtraveller - Fantasy Journey
Bioforce & Mike Oh' Man - Open Your Mind
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OnderKoffer! MIX.697 (Techno)

All In One - Crazy
Adana Twins - Strange
Balthazar & Jackrock - Burning Down
Alan Fitzpatrick - Eternia
All In One - My Vision
Dave Sinner - Moving On
Alex Di Stefano - Ride The River (Spektre RMX)
Andiction - Party People
Ugur Project - Labyrinthe
A-Noizes - Wimmern (Atze Ton RMX)
Andiction - To The Beat
Andrea Signore & Mha Iri - Inception & Exception
Indepth - We Are Beautiful
Balthazar & JackRock - Rave Story
Hell Driver - P.N.R
Spektre - Back Into Consciousness
Lowerzone - Join the Club
Christian Smith - Just Close Your Eyes
Hell Driver - God of Destruction
Lowerzone - Raw Tension
Bermio - Aerial
Kuvoka - Rave
Niereich & Shadym - Bashcid
Fappe & Bru - Constellation (Tommy Libera RMX)
Cosmin TRG - In Your Body
David Sellers - Out Of The Ordinary
Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix)
Jeremy Stott - Human Factor (Bolster RMX)
Alberto Ruiz & Dino Maggiorana - Our Mind
B. Traits - I Feel The Music
Lowerzone - Take a Breath (Superstrobe RMX)
Umek & D-Unity - Eliminating the Need
David Temessi - Illegal Reality (Dave Simon RMX)
Atze Ton - Proper (Mozzy Rekorder RMX)
Beico - Universe
ClaasHermann & Steven Shade - Back to Rave (Holger Nielson RMX)
Indepth - A Shadow (Giovanni Carozza RMX)
Anpleasant - Jarana
AiKAi - Universe
Frank Biazzi - Superstition
Balthazar & JackRock - 1991
Niereich & Shadym - Dreams
A-Noizes - Hexokinase (D.N.S RMX)
Alex Bilancini - Segments
Blicz - Old School Calling
Anpleasant - Journey
DJ Ogi - I Need a DJ (ExploSpirit RMX)
Cristian Glitch - Dark Side (Seimen Dexter RMX)
Lowerzone - Stay Back
Toni Alvarez - Tight Places
Alignment - Distance
Dj Dextro - Rave On
Lowerzone - Better Times
WAST & F.E.M - S14
Alex Bilancini - Oblivion
KLAMER - Reckless Memories
Airwave - Another Dimension
Blicz - Modern Revolt
Alignment - Turn off
Blicz - Tbilisian Ride
Indepth - Nationwide
Klangkuenstler - Armageddon
Blicz - Gate 212
JKS - Eastern Vibes
Adam & Glund - Bass Core (Mass In Orbit Mix)
DYEN - Funky Pills
Alignment - Mental Rave
DYEN - Bust A Nut
BLØC - Anarchy
Alignment - Can you hear me
TRYM - Opera
Ayahuasca - Mandragora
Adams & Krimson Project - Seeds of Love
Ahl Iver - Rave Simulator
Aloka - Love Drug (Jensen Interceptor's Blue Suede Rave RMX)
Lectrolux - Baloney Reloaded (Lectrolux Gets RAW)
Ant - S P L I T T E R Sampler
Ant & DJ Anti - Geuteng Offensive
KLAMER - Quest For Love
Vandall - Weapons of Destruction
AnD - Prophecy
Blue Hour - Introspective II (Tranceman2000 RMX)
Captain Tinrib - Taking Too Much (Dutch)
O.N.L - Soho
Captain Tinrib - Coke 'cos I Learn 2 Cope'
TRYM - Butterfly Cluster
DYEN - Step to This
WZX_O - Hostile Attitude
Ganesh - Back Again (Tinrib's RMX)
Fozbee & Cooz - Free Your Mind (92 RMX)
Diplomat - Here Comes Mongo
Spirits From An Urban Jungle - White Lightnining
Andy C - Cool Down
Public Domain - Hypnothise
WZX_O - Shut The Fuck Up
OnderKoffer! MIX.698 (Techno)

ABS - Without A Fight (Brass Mix) (1992)
Boys Noize - Midnight (Raito RMX)
Hell Driver - Get You
Alex Stein & Black Roof - Lithium
ABYSSVM - Old School
Alberto Ruiz - Expressor (Hell Driver RMX)
ABYSSVM - Steigend
Alain Delay - Your Body (Shadym RMX)
Victor Ruiz - Senses
Blicz - Jungle Alert
A-Noizes - Industrial Forces
Rebel Boy - Cerebral Mass
Atze Ton - The Bass (Oliver Immer's Blade RMX)
Balthazar & Jackrock - Puerto Rico (Alex Di Stefano RMX)
A-Noizes - Hexokinase
Bermio - Drifter
Dj Jordan - Cosmic Gate (ROBPM RMX)
Darmec - Warrior Funk (Roentgen Limiter RMX)
Nei Fidelis - What Defines Us
Sisko Electrofanatik - No Disco
Darian Jaburg - Stroke
Yinn & Maligno - Disrupter
AiKAi - Black Heaven (Chris Lehmann RMX)
AADJA - State Of Rave (Viers RMX)
Airwave - Hardtek
Dave Simon - Intrigued Dancer
Fractions - Zero Ground
Rodrigo Ferran - Underground
Maligno - Misbegotten
David Temessi & Josement - Let's scrape it (Avgusto RMX)
DJ Jordan - Natural Beauty (N.O.B.A RMX)
L.D.U. - The Revenge
Roentgen Limiter - 1992
Ahl Iver - Haunted Patterns
Basswell - Reality Hearts Me (Trym RMX)
Georg Bigalke - Dabreskø
Blicz - New Hope
Asquith - Let Me (Rave Mix)
Rikhter - Kryptos
D. Carbone - Raver Killer
Klangkuenstler - Ihr Werdet Weinen
LVTL - Elements
Dj Glenn - Pumper
Wallis - Hard Definitions
DJ Glenn - Beam Factory
Nanø Rinnegatø - Crématoria
New Frames - Staub
Mickey Nox - Come Into The (Wanton RMX)
Ahl Iver - 7AM
vrov - Lockdown
DJ Glenn & The Voltage Club - Silent Six
Tham - Raw Reverbation
Somewhen - Ruined
Dj Vortex - Check [4 Navigators RMX)
Basswell - Revolution
Clara Cuvé - Control
Ant - This Shit
In Verruf - Let Out
DJ Glenn - Jumpin' Muthaf**kers (1997)
Ant & James Kinetec - switch (B)
DIMI - Interconnected Lines
BASSWELL - Love The Bass
SBOYZ - Possession
Basswell - Blood In My Ears
Ant & Lenny Dee - the kinetek energy penetrator (A)
Johnny Piras - Deadly Underground
FÍACHRA - Speed Bump
DJ Glenn & The Voltage Club - Polysix
97REAPER & LAREN - Industrial Pleasure
LJT - Sirens
AYAHUASCA - Mike Dyson
VENDEX - Demon Ashes
AD ASTRA - Alpha Particles
JAN VERCAUTEREN - Love Sensation
TRANCEMAN2000 - Streetfighter
Acouphènes - Aurore
Jan Vercauteren - Classic Timeswap
Buzzi - Havoc's Strings (DISKREPANZ RMX)
ABSNTMNDED - No Self Control
EX MACHINA - Draconian
INSECT - Time For Action Has Come
DOCKER-9 - Stern Thruster
JAN VERCAUTEREN - Belgian Rave Scene
TRYM - Acid Bitch
DJ Niel - The Gun In My Mouth
YÅ - Ein Sfein
Clair - X (At the Edge of the End)
PLEXØS - Born To Survive
Uitspraak van Love is the answer op woensdag 27 mei 2020 om 21:12:
Je poept lekker door.­ Wat een tempo.­

Krijg je als ik wat orde schep op me harde schijven. Kom ik een hoop tegen van..... "O,ja die is ook lekker en die en die....." etc.

OnderKoffer! MIX.699 (Techno)

Achtung - Celtic Brother (1991)
KlangKuenstler - Jam Master Jack
D-Unity - Tell you something
Endor - Blastin
D-Unity - Our House
Coyu - In My Mind
Drigo & Nicolas Taboada - Voices
D-Unity - Sounds Good
Gary Beck - Feel It
D-Unity - Alright
T78 - Extendar
D-Unity - Singing for money
Drigo & Nicolas Taboada - Energy
Cosmic Boys - Orus
Dave Sinner - Human Nature
Darmec - Taking Over (Hell Driver RMX)
Lazar - Lost In Time
Lewis Legacy - Exaltation
Luca Agnelli - Forget it
ABYSSVM - Artemisia Absinthium
D-Unity - Had Enough
Alex Di Stefano - I've Got the Power
Jens Lissat & Christoph Pauly feat. Bisou - Love World Peace
Drumcomplex & Fabio Neural - Uptempo (Drumcomplex RMX)
Cosmic Boys - The Bast
Christian Cambas - Chained (Alex Di Stefano RMX)
Hell Driver - Extinction
Dusty Kid - Kollera
Lazar - Inhuman Signal
Cosmic Boys & The Yellowheads - Exe
Elvis Xhema - Speed 4 Need
Christian Smith & Victor Ruiz - Utopia
Frank Arvonio - Modular Thesis
H! DUDE - Brain Blasterz
Katarakt - Last Night
Lazar - Disaligned
H! Dude - XTC
Lowerzone - Main Room
Erik Erixon - Take This (T78 RMX)
Lazar - Echo Dimension (Superstrobe RMX)
KlangKuenstler - Osiris
A-Noizes - Mechanical Acid
Christian Cambas - Denim Jacket (Sisko Electrofanatik RMX)
Lt. D'Amato - Beautiful
Alan Fitzpatrick - You Can't See Us
Daniel Beknackt & Resonances - Attenction
Diøn - The Rhythm
T78 & Dino Maggiorana - Hardcore
Klangkuenstler - Razor
Dusty Kid - Pantagruel
Christian Cambas - Dub Rinse
Gary Beat - Inception (Murat Ugurlu RMX)
Dual Fuel - Lose Control
H! DUDE - Dracula
Klangkuenstler - Supernova
Gaga & Mateo! - Pleasure (ROBPM RMX)
KlangKuenstler - Cathedral of Saw
Katarakt - Everything Was Fine (Sound & Temper RMX)
Space 92 - The Bass
Minimum Syndicat - Boston Blitz
Spartaque - Feel Burning (Broken Robot RMX)
Drug4u - Coal (N.O.B.A RMX)
LFB - Linea Del Tiempo
Crystal Geometry - No Respect For Officials
KlangKuenstler - Teufels Schneide
Lewis Legacy - Revelation
Luca Agnelli - Raveolution
Lowerzone - Panic Alarm
Klangkuenstler - Dunkle Illusion
Dj Jordan - Direct (Indepth RMX)
Roentgen Limiter - La Ruta Destroy
Klangkuenstler - Balthazar
Christian Schachinger - Mystic Moments (PRODX RMX)
NEM3SI$ - Psycho
H! DUDE - Understand
Steve Parker - Body Clash
EKLPX - Voices in My Head
Lowerzone - Stay Back
Claas Herrmann - Station
Klangkuenstler - Das Schattenreich
Dance Or Die - Satisfy (DJ Ricci Mix)
Asquith - Rave Til Dawn
Fabio Locati & Maurizio Braccagni - XTC Vol. 2 (Instrumental Mix)
Klangkuenstler - Hexenmeister
Falhaber - That One Night
Gabriel Padrevita - Horizon (Niereich Re-edit)
Embargo - Scream
Nik Wel - Happiness
Rusrus - Confession
DYEN - A Phylosofic Titel about Freedom
Embargo - Hysterie (Dark Moon Mix) (2000)
753 - Crash & Burn
Dusk Till Dawn - Fine Night (Untidy Dub Mix)
Cosmic Commando - Atemnot
Dance Or Die - Too Much DMT
Dance Or Die - Leid
Cosmic Commando - Heartbreak (Arne L II RMX)
FUERR - Bazar
Daniel Doering - Norrsken
TEOKAD - Something Like That
Nik Wel - Vision
REVM - Destroyer
Nik Wel - Passion
Lt. D'Amato - Sounds Of Frustration (Lt. D'Amato's Freakin' Beats)
Gijensu - Birka Space Cruise
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Uitspraak van OnderKoffer! op donderdag 28 mei 2020 om 11:58:
Krijg je als ik wat orde schep op me harde schijven. Kom ik een hoop tegen van..... "O,ja die is ook lekker en die en die....." etc.


Heb jij geen server nodig? haha :D Ben je in ieder geval erg dankbaar. Een van de weinigen die de oude sound begrijpt en het gevoel in een nieuw jas hebt gegoten.
Uitspraak van Love is the answer op vrijdag 29 mei 2020 om 16:22:
die de oude sound begrijpt en het gevoel in een nieuw jas hebt gegoten.­

Die jas zit ook gewoon erg lekker. :lol:
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Op naar de 1000. :lol:

OnderKoffer! MIX.700 (Techno)

Ace The Space - Ace Goes Crazy (1991)
KlangKuenstler - Back To OldSchool
Rustek - Want It
Klangkuenstler - Satisfaction
D-Unity - Our Love
Filterheadz - Synergy (T78 RMX)
Rustek - Celestial
Hell Driver - Nowhere
Superstrobe - Freakin Out
Dave Sinner - Damage Control
Rustek - Vertigo (Tom Laws RMX)
Superstrobe - Humanoid
Dave Sinner - Unhappy Endings
Adam Beyer / Layton Giordani / Green Velvet - Space Date (Pleasurekraft RMX)
Jens Lissat & Christoph Pauly - Rave Roots
Cosmic Boys - Jarvis
F-Rontal - Energy
Lowerzone - Katana attack
Rustek - A Flicker in the Dark
Brennen Grey - Reaper's Theme
Chris Veron - Pluto Wave
Indepth - Eternity (Dok & Martin RMX)
Mark Reeve - La Playa (OC & Verde RMX)
Dave Sinner - Pulsar
Spektre - What Once was Lost
I Am Bam - Resistance
Hell Driver - TV4R
Tenzig - Dream Catcher (DREIAN RMX)
Pappenheimer & Felix Bernhardt - Wet Feather (Superstrobe RMX)
Sound & Temper - Poseidon (Ben Dust´s Trident RMX)
N.O.B.A - Bass And Vox
T78 & Dino Maggiorana - Dogma
Dual Fuel - It Goes
Crystal Geometry - Killing Dance Sorcery
Roentgen Limiter - Blade Never Dies
Brennen Grey - In a Dream
David Granha - Not A Song (Dok & Martin RMX)
Christian Cambas - Drop Out
Luca Agnelli - Rolling
Mattia Saviolo - Twilight of the Idols
Skober - Ultrametric Space
Spektre - Planet Noir
MOTVS & ROBPM - Starkiller
Torsten Kanzler - Dark Time
H! Dude - Crime Of Love
Jay Lumen - Rave Me
Spektre - Forged in the Heart of a Laserbeam (Rudosa RMX)
Crystal Geometry - Lutte des classes
Blicz - Iconic Figure
Roentgen Limiter - Cologne
T78 - Roboto
Roentgen Limiter - We Are Different
Claas Herrmann - Gamble
Rudosa - Obsolescence
Cristian Glitch - Dark Side (Seimen Dexter RMX)
Dusty Kid - DSU4M
Crystal Geometry - Political Prisoners
G8 - The Dark Ones (Rave Syndicate RMX)
Reign - A Better Tomorrow
Indepth - The Boundless
Sub Imperium - Platz
Edo Messina - XTC
Gijensu - Eurotrash
Cosmic Commando - Did You Here Me?
DYEN - Raconizer
Falhaber - Rock The Beat
Crystal Geometry - Ténèbres
Hertz - Recreate
Hune - Drive with You (Umbraid RMX)
753 - Dixtroy
DYEN - In Your Neighbours Basement
EDO MESSINA - Disturbia
JKS - Reduction
Dance Or Die - Tryp
DYEN - Freak Like Me (EDIT III)
COLOSSAL - Oversized Posteriors
DYEN - Drop That
COLOSSAL - I'm Gonna
Clair - VII (The Parallel Pleasure)
Colossal - Set My Body Free
HAKKO - Spitting Blood
EKLPX - Your Trouble
753 - The seeker
DYEN - Born Slippy (EDIT)
Edo Messina - Jesus Loves Me
COLOSSAL - The Things I Like
DYEN - Orgyestra
Dan Dyson - Rave Juice
EKLPX - Raving 89'
Alpha Tracks - Elektra
Lekker Sindicat - Space Madness
El Desperado - Dégustation De Basses
Rave Creator - Into Sound
Sub-Urbane - Barbara
OnderKoffer! MIX.701 (Oldskool, Techno, Early Hardstyle & Early Hardcore)

Drum Club - Sound System
Sound & Temper - Poseidon
Dusty Kid - Feelers
Dave Sinner - Cygnus
Cosmic Boys - Centurion
Rob Janssen - B-Interface (T78 RMX)
Pleasurekraft & Dave Sinner - Alien Body Double
Tømas Sinn - Method
Ween Greed - Always Survive
ROBPM - Tzunami
Tømas Sinn - Revolution (Dub Mix)
District 93 - Fractured (Konfusia & TiM TASTE RMX)
Tømas Sinn - The Joy of Creation
Sedated - Spritual Syndrome II
Tømas Sinn - Acid End
H! Dude - Endoloris
Fabio Locati - Nation House (Space Version)
Fabrizio Conti - Ancient
Claas Herrmann - The Music
Matteo Noise - Get Up
Dusty Kid - Rage 3
Fabio Locati - XTC Vol. 3 (Immaginazione Mix)
Diøn - Tension
8 Mix - Under Pressure
Kaylah - Ardcore To The Bone
Das Licht - Traumwelten (Wecker RMX)
Sub Imperium - After Raw
Casbah - Delta Force (War Mix)
O.O.M. - X-Project
Crystal Geometry - 1312 Bombs
M.B. - Megamix Maranza
Ayarcana - Vertigo
Clouds - Clearing «Kill Junkie Scum»
Casbah - Rock And Beat (Rock Mix)
Chlar - Articial Supremacy (The Chronics RMX)
Tuneboy - Demolition (Technoboy RMX)
Danilo Incorvaia - Cut2: TENSE
Go-kko - Techno Muscles [Muscle Mix]
Kaylah - Return Of The Zulus
Hyperspace - Natural System (Strong Mix)
Mental Intruder - Another Style (Synchro Wave Mix)
Johnny Piras - Trapped Soul (D. Carbone RMX)
DJ Stardust - Down Town
DYEN - Just A Feeling
Atlantic Wave - Black Mind Confession
DJ Anger - Control (Tritorn Mix)
AnD - Another Dimension
Atlantic Wave - Love Killer (On The Other Hand Mix)
Builder - Skyscraper (Luca Antolini Mix)
vrov - Liquid Runner
DJ Stardust - The Question (Question Two)
AnD - Space Walker
Builder - Doberman
UNIXIUM - Reconstruct
Builder - Bad Manners (Luca Antolini Mix)
ØLMØ - Paroxetine
Maurizio Braccagni - Mosquito
Vendex - Medici
Millo - Technophobia (Techno Pumpin Mix)
AnD - Bangers and Mash
Maurizio Braccagni - Bass Solution
Selective Response -The Wounds You Wear
Droid - Focus (Uptempo Mix)
Clair - 4A7 20 4IE
AnD - Deceived Mind
G-Town Madness - Gangsta Trippin'
ACTV - El Poder De La Musica (Monkey Mix)
Dark Raver & DJ Vince - Intelligent Hardcore
LØUISE - Violent Sexuality
Leroy - Feel This
The X Master - Let The Beat Control Your Body
Lekker Sindicat - Zuu Lekker
Exodus - Bust Da Beat
Fabio Locati & Maurizio Braccagni - XTC Vol. 1 (Rotterdam Mix)
8 Mix - Fruhling
Andy Da Gig - The First (Space Version)
El Tribaloco - Vamos (Hard Trax Mix)
El Bruto - Braingeyser
Leroy - F... The World
Nuclear System - Raid Over Moscow
Techno Pagnus - Unbelievable (Hard Bonus Track)
Uitspraak van Love is the answer op zondag 31 mei 2020 om 20:18:
Tering.­ Vers van de pers.­ 1 dag uit en nu al in de mix.­ Hoe is het mogelijk.­

Elke avond ff uurtje YouTube checken in bed, kan het de volgende dag in de mix.

En dan ben je zo elk wakker moment van de dag bezig met muziek.
Uitspraak van Love is the answer op woensdag 3 juni 2020 om 17:06:
Goed bezig.­ Je doet grensverleggende dingen.­


OnderKoffer! MIX.702 (Oldskool, Techno & Early Hardcore)

Charlie Chaplin - The Great Dictator
Liaisons D - He Chilled Out
Juheun - GO
Superstrobe - Shape the Future
House Hallucination - Prisoners Of Ecstasy (Garage Mix)
Tømas Sinn - Revolution
Jeremy Stott - Human Factor (Bolster RMX)
Karim Alkhayat & Mesbah Al Sakka - Higher Dimension
Vulcan - You Said (PASTOR RMX)
Liaisons D - !Por La Patria!
Mark Michael & Carl Haze - Hologram
Sound To Light - Clean Condition
Mark Michael & Carl Haze - Gamma
Superstrobe & Dominik Vaillant - Modulate
Dave Dee - Push It (Candiloro RMX)
Roentgen Limiter - The Old School (Peter Fern RMX)
Phobia - Phobia (Caspar Pound Mix)
Greg Notill - Land Of Magic
Toxic Two - Rave Generator
World Dominance - Compression
AIROD - Reaction
Mark Michael & Carl Haze - Concentration
Karim Alkhayat & Danny Wabbit - Judas
Timekube - Rave Machine
Manni Dee - Do What They Don't
Baby Doc - Eurotic (US Mix)
Fractions - Do You Believe
MERCURY 200 - Stolen Memories
Trym - 1 For The Trouble, 2 For The Hard Time
Sound To Light - Noisegate
Clinical Hates & Downwell - On Election Day I Stay Home
Arpeggiators - Freedom Of Expression (Tom Wax RMX)
K Ø Z L Ø V - Can't Get Enough (Rave Edit)
VTSS - Sensor 150
MERCURY 200 - Cheerleading
Wallis - Hard Definitions
Netstar - Download
Kobosil - Hafiza
VTSS - Code Red
No.Name - Exil
DJ Randy - Pandomia
Falhaber - I Wanna Feel
TRYM - Millenium Pain
S.O.D. - Stormtrooper
Lux-Trax - Lucid Interval
MERCURY 200 - Synthetic Love
MERCURY 200 - Reefer In Memphis
Lunatic Asylum - Meltdown (Kay Cee RMX)
Hang The DJ - Device
AnD - Say Nothing
AIROD - System Connexion
Rave Creator - Immortal
Hang The DJ - Machinery
New Frames - Staub
Rikhter - Kryptos
Antn - She Is Coming Home
1 X 1 X - C O N N E C T I O N S
Kaylah - Set Pace
Myka & Ama - Get Off The Rails
JKS - Keep On
Vixen - Microclubbing
Sound To Light - Landslip
Alignment - 1992
Hang The DJ - Transmitter
MTT - Tornade
Johnny Piras - Trapped Soul (D.Carbone RMX)
Hang The DJ - Replicants
Somewhen - Ruined
Clara Cuvé - Control
Tankis & Savietto - Octopus
Contact Noise Crew - Run The Streets
Online - K.A.U.D.N. (Miss Shiva Mission Mix)
Trym - Snatch (Back In Da Game Mix)
Kamasutra & Marzio Dance - Total Connection
White Knight - New World Order (Casseopaya RMX)
Cypher - H Flash
AnD - Cycles
Rave Creator - Me, The Master
Nico Moreno & DYEN - Water Please
Atlantic Wave - The Creation (Giada RMX)
Dimi - Interconnected Lines
MTT - Transcendance
JC Furious - Anti-Grav
Dyen - On Top
Tilt! - System XTC
Nico Moreno - Bad Seduction
Miss Djax - Coming
Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never
Fabio Locati - XTC (Maranza Mix)
Rave Creator - Bleep Blaster
PCMM - Zero Chill (Rave Edit)
LORENZO PAPINI - A New Era Of Domination
Fast 4 Motion - Hardcore Baseline
Cypher - Skyhigh
Pilldriver - Impossible XTC
The Mover & Rave Creator - Astral Demons
PRAUZE - Purple Joy
The Mover & Rave Creator - O.K. Bassquake
HYDEN X HELL INSIGHT - Not Like Everyone
D'SPYRE - A Secure Future
Nightbreed - door to dreams (RMX)
PLEXØS - Exist
D'SPYRE - Fire & Blood!
Clone I.D. - Hardcore Traveller
Sons Of Hardcorps - Sons Of Hardcorps Theme
Freez-E-Style - Enter The Gates Of Darkness
Tilt! - Sound-State Of Emergency
MC Ammo & Dj Agonizer - spacy criminal
OnderKoffer! MIX.703 (Oldskool, Techno, Early Hardstyle & Early Hardcore)

Zero Zero - Zeroxed
Messiah - 20,000 Hardcore Members
Kicksquad - Soundclash
Minders - Landscape
Fade - Micd Up Attitude
Plexus - Cactus Rhythm (Manu Mix)
Deep Dimension - Staying Home '93
DJ Jordan - Dark Techno
Teenage Mutants - Falcon
DJ Jordan - Ravers Nature (Superstrobe RMX)
Deep Dimension - 17-3-17
Superstrobe & Dominik Vaillant - Nasty
Aconytich - Undercover
Klangkuenstler - Lebendige Geister
Downwell - Body Stretching
Lander B - One5
Timekube - Devilfish
Twins Project - Absolut Techno
L-X-Carbo - The Dance Of The Crazy Pill
Kenny Campbell - Follow No Leader
Dave Dee - Push It (Luix Spectrum RMX)
NÜWA - Tuvan Rave
Roman Gehrecke - Pakao
Akkon - Acid Trip in Belgian Rave (Pitch! RMX)
Basswell - Sudden Death (Ben Techy RMX)
Danilo Incorvaia - FSO3H
Atlantic Wave - New Style
File 10 - Back in the Time
Samantha Togni - Lupus In Fabula
Dyno - State Of Moog
Endlec - Concrete Destroyer
Tilt! - Psycho Whistler
FURY - Neorave
Phonetic & Arne L II - Galactica
KALTBLUME - Politics Of Solar Movement
Selective Response - RX-93 - Tension
Timekube - Rave Machine (David Temessi & Marco Ginelli RMX)
Contact Noise Crew - Radar Control
GHOST EFFECTS - Bitterness & Nostalgia
Tham - Raw Reverbation
DJ Gius - Puffganger (Giada Mix)
Alignment - 1995
Tuneboy - Dirty (Stardust RMX)
Vandall - 'Ardcore
J.Ru - Defected! (LaCargo RMX)
O.N.L - Revolution
Esther Duijn - Deity
Lazor - Cirkeline Anthem (2003)
AnD - Black Hole
BRÄLLE - Justified Violence (SWART RMX)
Hadone - How to Fake Success (Harry Doe RMX)
In Verruf - Let Out
DJF - Out Of My Mind
FZL - Internal Conflict
Pawlowski - Bloody Headbutt
ØLMØ - Valium
DJ Stardust - The Trackmaster (Chemical Mix)
Rave Creator - Thru Eternal Fog
Biochip C. - Night Breed
YÅ - Lost In The Jungle With 20Kw
Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One (2002 Mix)
Amish - Mastermind (European Mix)
Clair - I (I Want To Believe)
The Hypnotist - House Is Mine (Baby Doc RMX)
High Speed Violence - The Living End
RAßßeAT - Everyday Struggle
Reign - Drug Merchandise
DJ Ricky T - Platinum
Sound To Light - Hamorrhoiden
Freez-E-Style - Awake In Neo-Tokyo
Ege Bam Yasi - Variation 2 (Lenny Dee Mix) (1993)
Legend B - Lost In Love (Baby Doc Mix)
MC Ammo & DJ Agonizer - Put The Music On
Global Hardcore Source - I'm In Control
Wavedriver - Compulsion
Dusty Angel - Nervous Flight
Void Section - Bungee Death
Chosen Few - I Love Big Speakerz
Uitspraak van OnderKoffer! op woensdag 3 juni 2020 om 20:20:
Early Hardcore Mix DJ Akira

Dik okay. Veel Industrial Strength en Bloody Fist.
Artiesten als Nasenbluten (paar keer), Delta 9, Oliver Chesler, Doa.
Uitspraak van Love is the answer op zaterdag 6 juni 2020 om 09:13:
Dik okay.­ Veel Industrial Strength en Bloody Fist.­
Artiesten als Nasenbluten (paar keer), Delta 9, Oliver Chesler, Doa.­

Heb alleen het eerste uurtje geluisterd, moet de rest nog ff luisteren.
Maar wat je zegt, dik okay. :)

Is voor mij al heel wat om een uur naar iemand anders zijn mixxie te luisteren, betekent dat hij me zowiezo een uur heeft kunnen boeien. :yes:
Uitspraak van OnderKoffer! op zaterdag 6 juni 2020 om 10:22:
Heb alleen het eerste uurtje geluisterd, moet de rest nog ff luisteren.
Maar wat je zegt, dik okay. :)

Is voor mij al heel wat om een uur naar iemand anders zijn mixxie te luisteren, betekent dat hij me zowiezo een uur heeft kunnen boeien. :yes:

Akira heeft duidelijk een andere mixstijl dan jij.
Uitspraak van Love is the answer op zaterdag 6 juni 2020 om 10:43:
Akira heeft duidelijk een andere mixstijl dan jij.­


Kan ook genieten van the dj producer streams.
De energy die hij in zijn mixxies gooit is heerlijk om te zien.

Was een comment naast de stream en die zei........ Hee deze dj zwaait niet met z`n handen in de lucht, heeft ie geen tijd voor.

Lag in een deuk. :roflol:

En natuurlijk zijn verjaardags mixxies van 8 uur lang kan ik waarderen.

laatste aanpassing
OnderKoffer! MIX.704 (Techno & Early Hardcore)

Liaisons.D - The Rhythm
Kate Bush - Running up that Hill (Orlando Voorn Deep House RMX)
Controlled Noise - A Minute Of Silence
Liaisons.D - Sirenas
Oliver Carloni - Jack
The Mod Wheel - Moroccan Jack
Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
Spektre - Another Life
Steven Shade - Divided (Dave Sinner RMX)
Freak Unique - In My Mind
Luca Agnelli - Long Wave
Drumsauw - Latitude (ROBPM RMX)
Dano & Def P - Wat de FOK ouwe :)
Dual Fuel - Humano (David Temessi RMX)
Joey Beltram - My Sound
Deep Dimension - No Disgrace
Space 92 - The Bass
Deep Dimension - So 1992 (Radio Slave & P.Leone RMX)
Brtinzz - Six In The Morning
A.Noizes - Voices
Coutts - Truth (Disscut RMX)
Joey Beltram - Mentasm
Gaga & Mateo! - Pleasure (ROBPM RMX)
Diøn - The Rhythm
The Disco Freaks - Disco Flash
Kenny Campbell & Sonic X - Last Train to Ostbahnhof
NN - Blood Metal Horror
The Psychopaths - Nightmares
Remy X - The Body (Niereich & Shadym RMX)
Denis Drazic - Limited Humanity
ABRAX - Breakism
Esther Duijn - Deity (Scalameriya RMX)
Dr.Macabre - My Beat
David Temessi & Victoria Franches - Dose Eight
Bunkerterror - Let Me Tie Your Nikes
Dr.Macabre - Torsion
VTSS - Bring The Noize
David Temessi & Victoria Franches - Overdose
Danilo Incorvaia - Grey
Droid - Ce Ce Rhythm
Brecc - Overload
Zalem - Invasive Methods
Kaylah - Plastic Palm Trees
DJ Misjah - Ultimate High
NN - Order & Chaos
Brecc - Junkyard
Dr.Macabre - Alien Syndrome
DAKTIK - Mad Shamans
Cypher - Save Your Soul
Housetrap - High On The Edge
CoqMan - Druid's Peak Wolves
hel.IV - Lost Icons
Klamer -Troubled Feelings
Johnny Piras - Killer Of Yourself (ALHEK RMX)
T.M.F. - Atlantix
Aspect 101-4 - XTC
Rocko Garoni - Transmutation
Atlantic Wave - Reforced (Giada RMX)
Dr.Macabre - 1, 2, 3, 4, (Blow Me At The Love Parade)
DJ Stardust - Stompin`jack Flash (Technoboy RMX)
ROT - Machine Killer
Balloon - Technorocker
Hybrid_Vigour - Asymmetrical Warfare
Trashman - The Last Fight (Ace The Space RMX)
The Montini Experience - Break You Down
UFO95 - Anthem
Nasty Django & Cirillo - Deal Wit' Beats
Dr.Macabre - All I Just Say Is Wow
Triple Drop - Keep Your Word
X7Ø-7 - Texturize
Alici - Psycho Overdose
Bours? - The Oldschool Renowal
AYAHUASCA - Drug Story
Clair - VIII (Immortal Mind)
Champas - Cyborg (MORSURE RMX)
Dr.Macabre - Me & My Dentist
DICA - Casting Black Holes
Vanya Koreya - No Techno
Dr.Macabre - Danse Macabre
KE:NT - This Is Not A Love Song
Dr.Macabre - Kiss My Entire Ass
STX - The War Of The Apes
Dr.Macabre - Tales Of The Darkside
YGNOR - One Move And You're Done
AYAHUASCA - Harsh Rhythm
The Bazeman - Can You Feel The Baze
ABSNTMNDED - No Self Control
Rave Creators - A New Mind
Dr.Macabre - Chaos Effect
Assym - Twilight Waves
Now! Project - Spirit
George Vagas & Mike D. - Hyperdome
Dr.Macabre - Time Walker
Teksa - Brain Attack
Dyewitness - Brrr
Dr.Macabre - Seven
Masters Of Rave - Are You With Me
Sigma 909 - Power Of XTC
The Omen - Let The Music Take Control
Zero Tolerance - Body Motion
E-Legal - No Alternative
The Delinquints - Raise The Heat
The Gatorade's - 2 Fast 4 U
Chosen Few & Chuckone - Fairy Tail
Wedlock - I'm The Fuck You Man (M. Steenbergen Mix)
Enfusia - Ready To Go
Brutal Unity - Wicked Laugh
The Unknown Two - Boombastic Boy
Gabber Subculture - Here We Go!
Dr.Macabre - We're Gonna Blow Your Mind
DJ Roy - Music that lasts Forever
Renata Ricciardi - Untitled
MC Raw - We Who Are Oppressed (Prophet RMX)
Dr.Macabre - This Is Fucked
6-Pack - Drunken Piece Of Shit (Mix 3)
Mutoïd - The Calculator

Voor de mensen die niet kunnen wachten tot volgend jaar voor een festivalletje...... :)
4 Dagen lang feest!

En hier begrijp ik niks van, 5.5 uur in een auto opgesloten zitten.

Is OK als je relaxt een filmpje gaat kijken, maar niet om te feesten.
Of je moet 1 of andere bestelbus hebben waar je in kan staan. :roflol: :bounce:
laatste aanpassing
Uitspraak van Love is the answer op zondag 7 juni 2020 om 17:58:
Lekker strakin een auto zitten van de crystal meth haha

Krijg je zoiets als dit naast je in de auto. :roflol:


of dit....


laatste aanpassing
Uitspraak van OnderKoffer! op zondag 7 juni 2020 om 19:59:
Schijnt helemaal in te zijn....... jeugd van nu weet niet wat ze moeten gebruiken. :no:

Hmm, het is vooral iets voor in de homoscene. Nachtenlang doorneuken. Anussen vol rammen. Je kent het wel haha :D

Troep is het.
Uitspraak van Love is the answer op maandag 8 juni 2020 om 17:05:
Troep is het.­

Dat is nou zo`n drugs waar ik nooit interesse voor zou hebben, net als heroine.
Maar dat zijn ook de enige 2 hoor,....... :lol:
OnderKoffer! MIX.705 (Techno & Early Hardcore)

Holy Noise - Father, Forgive Them (The Truth Mix)
Cypher - Frozen Boom Erection
The Mover - Fire Cloud
Davinson - Rave Nation
Fugees - Ready or Not (Techno Bootleg)
Chris Veron - Push It Dream
Joyhauser - Landa
David Sellers - Power Surge
Superstrobe & Dominik Vaillant - Discoshit
i_o & Raito - Come With Me
Dj Jordan - Rave (ROBPM RMX)
ROBPM & Lowerzone - So Strong
Indepth - The Fabric
T78 & Dino Maggiorana - Hardcore
DX & Lenny Dee - Fade
Dok & Martin - The Shadow
AIROD - Can't Fuck With Rave
T78 - Retro Freak
Indepth - Entwined
A*S*Y*S / Kai Tracid /Tom Wax - Freedom of Expression
Push & Crashguard - In The Sphere
Indepth - Love Reside
Niereich & Shadym - Lift off
T99 - Anasthasia (Phutek RMX)
Indepth - Molecules
Reinier Zonneveld - For The People
H! Dude - We Are All Connected
J Daniel - The Way
Dave Wincent - Noise 01
Roentgen Limiter - STG
Lowerzone - Better Times
ANTGT - Alpha Particle
Alignment - Ever Gone
SHDW & Obscure Shape - Die Weisse Rose (Rudosa RMX)
Afem Syko - Like Soldiers
BSLS - The Conservative Queen of Ketamine
Chlär - Downtown Rave
Massed - Breakout (Danilo Incorvaia Warehouse RMX)
DYEN - Instinct
PØLI & Lorenzo Raganzini - Raving in Paris (Nico Moreno RMX)
Reinier Zonneveld - Rave Dan
Remy X - The Body (Man Outta Space & Don Woezik RMX)
Alignment - Mental Rave
Brecc - Firestorm
Alignment - The Same Error
Chané - Viper
Soundgrabber - Acidfighter (The Crow RMX)
Inglawt - First Light
Trym - Polar Aura
CYNKT & Chung - Get Back
SL-Tronic - 99.9 (Slideout & Roland Kenzo Mix)
Peder Mannerfelt - Sissel & Bass (OnScreenActor RMX)
Johnny Piras - Mass Grave
Nico Moreno & Dyen - Water Please
KLAMER - Cold Warming
Rephate - 66
OBVERSO - Surveillance
Nico Moreno - Bad Seduction
TRYM - R 301
OFFENSIV - Relentless
SOYA - Menace
Bass Modulators - NRGizer (2002 Edit)
Bours? - What Happen After Death
FRAKTUR - Cluster
DIAZEPIN - Tanz Electrik
Tuneboy - La Musica Del Futuro
JASS - Mentale Emprise
Dr.Macabre - Sensations Of The Mind
Marc Moeller - Delta
Face Hoover - Psychotogen
SMPAI - Apoptosis
E-Wax - What Is Wrong With Me
Hardcore Society - Bad Boy
Holographic - Terrified
Liberator - Get Down
Too Small - Cold Bustin'
The Stunned Guys - Musica Nevrotica (DJ Buby Mix)
Bionic Commanders - Bust A New Jam
DJ Paul - Paul's Nightmare
The Riders - Bonkers (Stunned Guys Mix)
Lancinhouse & Stunned Guys - Fuckin' Sweat
Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ
Da Mindcrusher - Mindcrushing
Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny (Gabba DJ Mix)
DJ Paul - Cheese 'N Beats
Renata Riccardi - Return Of A Looney (Jordens Mix)
Critical Mass - Can't Stop
Dano - Bed Dreams
Lords Of The Underworld - Hardcore Dance
The Prophet - Controllin' The Universe
Critical Mass - Psychotic Break
Lenny Dee & Rob Gee - Spontaneous Combustion
Cixx - The Mixer

Lekker hoor die ouwe deathchant platen. :yes:
laatste aanpassing
Uitspraak van OnderKoffer! op maandag 8 juni 2020 om 17:59:
Dat is nou zo`n drugs waar ik nooit interesse voor zou hebben, net als heroine.
Maar dat zijn ook de enige 2 hoor,....... :lol:

Heroïne. Misschien als je terminaal bent. Als je toch aan het infuus ligt haha :D

Uitspraak van OnderKoffer! op maandag 8 juni 2020 om 18:00:
Lekker hoor die ouwe deathchant platen. :yes:

Ja, die zijn gruwelijk goed.

Poppers ontspant de spier, ja ook van het kontgaatje haha :D
Uitspraak van Love is the answer op dinsdag 9 juni 2020 om 14:16:
Heroïne.­ Misschien als je terminaal bent.­ Als je toch aan het infuus ligt

Ze zeggen dat het net zoiets is als morfine, en dat is vet spul. :yes:

Moest een X een bierglas afweren van 1 of andere pipo, slagaderlijke bloeding in me arm / pols.
Snel naar ziekenhuis gebracht, ien daar gaven ze me morfine......WOW

Das wappie spul zeg, was zo wappie dat ik gelijk weer terug ging naar die kroeg ff een paar biertje drinken.
Zijn geen standaard oldskool mixxies. :no:

laatste aanpassing
Aight! Wou hem net plaatsen.­ Ja, dik!
More Acid, More Tempo, More Bombast - Fuck Current conventions .....­

laatste aanpassing
Uitspraak van Love is the answer op woensdag 10 juni 2020 om 11:53:
Aight! Wou hem net plaatsen.­ Ja, dik!

The DJ Producer just loves his music. :)

Maakt toch ook wel een paar mixxies per maand.
laatste aanpassing
OnderKoffer! MIX.706 (Techno & Early Hardcore / Mokum & Deathchant Records)

Search & Destroy - Deep In The Underground (G.T.O. Mix)
K Ø Z L Ø V - Can't Get Enough (Rave Edit)
WAST - Penalty
Indepth - Molecules (NÜWA RMX)
Brecc - Firestorm
FURY - Neorave
Hang The DJ - Device
Pavel K. Novalis - Opening the Way
Hang The DJ - Machinery
JKS - Feelin'
SÆLEM - Heaven pollution
Hang The DJ - Replicants
TEOKAD - Something Like That
Hang The DJ - Transmitter
AnD - Black Hole
Hang the DJ - Bygones
O.N.L - Kick In The Ass
AnD - Cycles
EPHAZE - CrestFallen
Nico Moreno & Dyen - Water Please
Bad Omen - Machine Gun Fck
Basswell - Like A Dream
Dyen - On Top
D.N.P - Ghosts In The Desert
Nico Moreno - Don't Call Your Mom
POLHØ & WAST - Sensitive Blaster
Nico Moreno - Bad Seduction
Clinical Hates - Midsommar
K Ø Z L Ø V - Sensationnel
NEAGLES - Music Is My Life
Technohead - Jetset No. 1
DISTORTED ANIMA - Barbieturate
D'SPYRE - A Secure Future
Heiden & WZX_O - Uncontrolled Actions
Tellurian - Psycho
Pineapple Jack - Go Out of My Mind
C-Tank - House Hallucination
D'SPYRE - Fire & Blood!
PLEXØS - Exist
Teksa & Yannøu - Fraktal
Technological Terror Crew - Polaris (1994)
Teksa - Macabre Tekno
Chosen Few - Freedom
Tellurian - Get stupid
Vitamin - Muffin` In Mokum
PLEXØS - Born To Survive
Tellurian - Booster Activated
Annihilator - Into the wild style
Chosen Few - Tranceparant
Technological Terror Crew - Fuck your System
Brainblower - To The Top (1994)
Chosen Few - Feel The Dream
Brainblower - Mental Hangover (Overdose RMX)
Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - I Control Your Body
Chosen Few - The Break
Chosen Few - I Love Big Speakerz
DJ Ricci & MC Hair - 200% Acidferious
Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - Power Dominion
Chosen Few - Daniça
Annihilator - S.D.R.
Diplomat - Brain Wave
Chosen Few & s`Aphira - Da Funky Beatz
Tellurian - Fucked-Up Motherfuckers
Chosen Few - After Hourz
Jappo & Lancinhouse - XTR Experiment
Hellfish & Diplomat - FFirehs Syndrome
Paradox - My DJ.....Cutz!
Chosen Few - Chosen Paradise
Technological Terror Crew - The Ripper
Chosen Few - Party!
The Death Syndicate - The Gimp
Haardcore - Everybody In The House
Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - Brain Confusion
Hellfish & Producer - Research & Development
Carlos Masserati - Get On The Move (Hardcore Mix)
Chosen Few - Name of DJ (speedfreak Mix)
Diplomat - Tantulum Clones
Vitamin - My House Is Your House
Dano - Move Ya Body
Hellfish & Producer - 21 Century Core
Chosen Few - Bring That Beat Back
Hellfish - Techno City
Technological Terror Crew - UK Fresh
Chosen Few - Hellfire
Wargroover - British Nightmare
Hellfish - Martian Ambassador
Lords Of Illusion - set if off
Brannon Beer - Mean Mother
PVC - 65-47-3
Diplomat - Mind winder
Technological Terror Crew - 7 Motherfuckas
Diplomat - Cool and the deadly
The Original Gabber - AD-DA
Wargroover - Terraforming
Diplomat - Bass drum killer
Hellfish - Hardcore Body Harvest
Diplomat - Wrath
DJ Producer - Religion II
Hellfish & Producer - Ultimate damage 98
The Original Gabber - The Headbanger
Hellfish - Serious Evil Shit Mission
Cyanide - Stringz
Hellfish & Producer - Do ya like
Dj Producer - Whatever It takes
DJ Producer - Only i can do it
Dolphin & Tox - Weak Motherfuckers
Wargroover - Take that mutha fuk
Wargroover - Focus on the beat
DJ Producer - Kickdrum Kamikazee
Vitamin - De Woeste Man (geb. 101 Mix)
Tellurian - Cocksuckers

Laatste stuk is beetje rommelig omdat me mixer kuren begon te vertonen.
Maar goed dat ik eind van de maand een nieuwe ga halen.
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Uitspraak van Love is the answer op donderdag 11 juni 2020 om 16:02:
Heerlijk! Underground rules.­

TRYM is het eene na het andere meesterwerkje aan het produceren.
Echt helemaal zijn eigen stijl, love it!