030 FM215525 aug 2010
house, club, urban
dj Migzy in the mix - No Stoppin pt03
100% hard-style radio213519 aug 2007
hardcore, hardstyle, hardtrance, schranz
..::DJPATT - 50% OF ANTI PASTI::.. (..::DJPATT - 50% OF ANTI PASTI::..) (..::DJPATT - 50% OF ANTI PASTI::..) (..::DJPATT - 50% OF ANTI PASTI::..) (..::DJPATT - changeme
100% Real Underground286329 aug 2010
hardcore, hardstyle
2 Sick FM144927 aug 2020
techno, trance, hardstyle
CODE Amsterdam - Scorpio IV-02 LIVE Noisy Neighbour
432.fm60126 sep 2017
techno, progressive trance, techhouse, minimal, deephouse
538 Juize5369 apr 2015
urban, hip hop, eclectic
5oak Radio214222 okt 2007
house, techno, electro, minimal
The Ace Of Clubs - Heathrow Hardcore Terminal
@tuh's hardcore/oldskool radio157216 sep 2010
house, hardcore, oldschool, early hardcore
11-Kaos 'Fuck Is Right'
Absolute Technoise Radio207127 nov 2009
techno, electro, acidtechno, minimal
Valentino Kanzyani & Marco Nastic - Live at Awakenings Festival, Amsterdam NL - 2009-06-27
Achterbaks.org216027 feb 2010
drum & bass, electro, minimal
cavemen_­ -_­ live_­ @_­ blizzurd_­ -_­ www.myspace.com_­ cavemendubstep
Addictive Beat Radio60026 sep 2017
AFKEER FM216610 apr 2008
hardcore, terror, oldschool, tekno, industrial hardcore, darkcore, classics
05 - 3 Steps Ahead - It's Delicious
Airpeace14431 aug 2010
Samim - Heater
Ani Radio - Electronic46726 jan 2015
hardcore, hardstyle
Ani Radio - J-Rock46825 jan 2015
Arnoldsradio60026 sep 2017
house, club, eurodance
Audio FM38315 nov 2010
house, hardcore, trance, hardstyle
Andre Visior & Kay Stone - Sunrise (Original)
Audio Hance live60026 sep 2017
AXN & Friends216324 jan 2007
techno, hardcore, tekno, industrial hardcore, darkcore, breakcore
AXN MIX 04 - 23 - IGor - Crowd Rocker
Backfire's webradio21635 apr 2007
hardcore, speedcore, jump, early hardcore, breakcore
Dyewitness - Observing the Earth
BaseJunkies40421 jun 2006
hardcore, hardstyle, terror, darkcore
Evil Activities & The Viper - Project Hardcore
Basekiller FM radio168911 nov 2009
hardcore, terror, industrial hardcore, darkcore, speedcore, early hardcore, breakcore, early rave, frenchcore, UK hardcore
Frans Duijts - Nee, Niet Zeggen Hoe Ik Leven
Basslogic Radio21394 okt 2006
hardstyle, jump
01 br41nh34dz - figlio di puttana (stylez meets tonteufel edit)-sds
Baszer´s Hardstation4046 mei 2006
hardcore, hardstyle, jump
DJ Baszer Live (Hardcore Terror)
Beatstreet FM60026 sep 2017
house, techno, trance, hardtrance, electro, minimal
BeatWinUs60026 sep 2017
house, soulful house, deephouse
Beuken doe je zo!40412 mei 2006
hardcore, industrial hardcore, darkcore
b1_­ armageddon_­ project_­ -_­ icons_­ of_­ disorder-sq
Black-FM216116 jul 2007
hardcore, hardstyle, jump
Dj Nosferatu vs Endymion - Stay focused
Blastedbass19831 mei 2008
hardstyle, jump
Dj Nexus - NexusStyle Part 7
Boschiebosch Hardrave Radio7084 mei 2013
techno, drum & bass, hardcore, terror, tekno, industrial hardcore, darkcore, speedcore, classics, early hardcore, breakcore
till 12±00 audio test!!!!!local@home
Central Radio216430 mrt 2008
Good Things End - I Know
Channel X376310 aug 2020
house, progressive trance, deephouse
Armando - 100% of Disin
Chill - Out60026 sep 2017
house, club, electro, groove, eclectic
Chillfit Radio60026 sep 2017
oldschool, goa
Chillfitradio (CFR)66914 jun 2012
house, lounge
Chillpoint Radio4046 mei 2006
hardcore, trance, hardstyle, r&b
Shakira - La Tortura (Version Del Album)
Chromanova148419 aug 2016
trance, psytrance
Dense (chillgressive tunes) - recording of 'Chill On! - Sonic Loom Rec. special' - exclusive DJ set recording - [2014]
club nova dance radio216524 feb 2008
trance, progressive trance
Club-Musix201016 mrt 2009
techno, hardcore, trance, hardhouse, hardstyle, hardtrance
Radames - Baby (Tronix Dj Remix)
Clubstitute Dance Radio3015 apr 2020
house, trance, hardstyle, electro, harddance, urban
V-zen instrumental beat - space
Cocoon Club Radio20487 sep 2006
house, techno, club, progressive trance
VA - Schranz Total 15.0 Cd2 Mixed by O.B.I
Core of Confusion's HardRave Radio65830 okt 2012
hardcore, terror, tekno, industrial hardcore, speedcore, early hardcore, breakcore, early rave, frenchcore, UK hardcore
Hellseeker - The Outcome of Which is Not Foreseen
Core Radio21648 feb 2008
hardcore, industrial hardcore, breakcore
D.H.T. Radio6784 dec 2011
trance, hardhouse, hardstyle, hardtrance
D2E Radio21637 jan 2008
04 - DJ Paul & MC Joe - Hardcore Feeling
D@­nFM137144 mrt 2018
Pre Party Clio4 Radio
Damage Radio4043 jun 2006
va - qlimax mixed by the prophet
Dance Classic 173813 feb 2014
90s, 80s, 70s
Dance vibez63927 feb 2014
house, techno, progressive trance, minimal
Sasha Carassi - SASHA CARASSI
Dance-track Radio51212 aug 2014
Dance-Track Radio - [24/7 Dance] Trance, Club, Tribal, Electro. Your Number One Dance Radio
Dancedigitalradio138727 jan 2016
house, techno, electro, acid
Danceplanet Radio54519 jan 2015
house, techno, hardcore, trance, electro, jump, 90s
08 - DJ Bobo - Everybody
Danceradio.es311914 sep 2015
house, classics
Now On DanceRadio: Usher - More (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix)
Danger FM216427 jul 2009
hardcore, hardstyle, schranz
e-noid - 202 - acid hell-homely
Dannyrules22693 apr 2017
house, techno, drum & bass, trance, hardstyle, lounge, goa, acid, groove, urban, eclectic
Dano Radio216317 nov 2006
hardcore, terror, oldschool, early hardcore
radio 100 mix aller eerste mix b
DarinuH radio6975 okt 2012
drum & bass, hardcore, hardstyle, dubstep
Darkest Source Radio!216612 nov 2006
hardcore, terror, darkcore
DJ Viruz Feat. Bass-D - 99 Problems
DDance.FM86144 jan 2019
trance, progressive trance
DDCorps216611 nov 2006
techno, hardcore, hardstyle, jump
Bad Boyz - Play That Vibe (DJ Coone Remix)
De Stoorzender40513 mei 2006
house, hardcore, hardhouse, terror, oldschool, industrial hardcore, darkcore, jump, early hardcore
Deckstruction Music216012 jul 2006
house, techno, drum & bass, hardcore, breakbeat, trance, hardstyle, progressive trance, harddance, techhouse, schranz, eclectic
Jkey and teecee... happy hardcore ((!Live DJ!))
DeepFreeze Progressive House Radio216612 dec 2007
house, breakbeat, progressive trance
Infusion - Better World
Deepinradio62519 apr 2014
DJ MFR - On Air With DJ MFR_­ April2014
DFM21644 jul 2008
Utah Saints - Something Good 2008 (High Contrast Remix) (exposure NYC)1649826 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - 00's Club Hits1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Ambient108869 aug 2018
Tom Adams - A Sudden Break in the Clouds (live)
Digitally Imported - Bass & Jackin' House1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Bassline1621526 sep 2017
garage, 2step, dubstep, grime
Digitally Imported - Big Room108869 aug 2018
big room
Bass King - Lights (Original Mix)
Digitally Imported - Bigbeat1621526 sep 2017
breakbeat, breaks
Digitally Imported - Breaks108889 aug 2018
Hankook - Streaming Show #021 guest Aldo Ferrari
Digitally Imported - Chill 'n Tropical House108879 aug 2018
chillout, tropical
Lions Head - Begging (LEEX Remix)
Digitally Imported - ChillHop108869 aug 2018
triphop, jazz, downtempo
Gramatik - Just Jammin
Digitally Imported - Chillout108869 aug 2018
trance, lounge, ambient
Squeezer - Chilled Juice (nsu Remix)
Digitally Imported - Chillstep1621526 sep 2017
lounge, dubstep
Digitally Imported - Chiptunes1621626 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Classic EuroDance108869 aug 2018
Fancy - Slice Me Nice (Extended Fetenhits Mix)
Digitally Imported - Classic EuroDisco1621526 sep 2017
disco, classics
Digitally Imported - Classic Techno1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Classic Trance108869 aug 2018
Ferry Corsten - Mixed Live Spundae @ Circus, Los Angeles
Digitally Imported - Classic Vocal Trance108869 aug 2018
GT vs Project C - Voices Of Spring 2007 (Happy)
Digitally Imported - Club1621626 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Club Dubstep1621526 sep 2017
club, dubstep
Digitally Imported - Cosmic Downtempo1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Dark DnB1621526 sep 2017
drum & bass
Digitally Imported - Dark PsyTrance1621526 sep 2017
psytrance, darkpsy
Digitally Imported - Deep House1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Deep Nu-Disco1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Deep Tech1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Disco House108869 aug 2018
Kristian Nairn - Spektrum 008
Digitally Imported - DJ Mixes1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Downtempo Lounge108869 aug 2018
lounge, downtempo
Bay Area - Walker Girl (Hear Your Voice Mix)
Digitally Imported - Drum & Bass1621526 sep 2017
drum & bass
Digitally Imported - Drumstep1621526 sep 2017
drum & bass, dubstep, drumstep
Digitally Imported - Dub1621526 sep 2017
reggae, dub
Digitally Imported - Dubstep1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - EBM1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - EcLectronica1621526 sep 2017
electro, eclectic
Digitally Imported - Electro1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Electro Swing1621526 sep 2017
electro, boogie
Digitally Imported - Electronic Pioneers1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Electronics1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Electropop1621526 sep 2017
electro, pop
Digitally Imported - Epic Trance1621526 sep 2017
trance, deephouse
Digitally Imported - Eurodance108869 aug 2018
trance, harddance
Kate Project - Part of Me (The Factory Team Remix)
Digitally Imported - Funky House1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Future Bass1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Future Garage1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Future Synthpop1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Gabber1621526 sep 2017
hardcore, terror
Digitally Imported - Glitch Hop108879 aug 2018
hip hop, dubstep
Dubra & Arteo - Fat Ass Beat
Digitally Imported - Goa-Psy Trance108869 aug 2018
Re-Horakhty - Ravebros
Digitally Imported - Hands Up1621526 sep 2017
trance, deephouse
Digitally Imported - Hard Dance108869 aug 2018
techno, hardhouse, hardstyle, hardtrance, harddance, techhouse, minimal, schranz
Dave Spinout & TrickyDJ - Highfish Radio Show 080 (29 June 2018) guest ConnecteD
Digitally Imported - Hard Techno1621526 sep 2017
techno, schranz
Digitally Imported - Hardcore108869 aug 2018
Prospect & Pinnacle - Sincerely Yours
Digitally Imported - Hardstyle1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - House1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Jungle1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Latin House1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Liquid D&B1621526 sep 2017
drum & bass
Digitally Imported - Liquid Dubstep1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Lounge1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Mainstage108879 aug 2018
R3SPAWN - Warfare
Digitally Imported - Minimal108869 aug 2018
Kiki La Rochelle - Plazma Records Showcase 285 (16 July 2018)
Digitally Imported - Moombahton1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Nightcore1621526 sep 2017
happy hardcore
Digitally Imported - Nu Disco1621526 sep 2017
nu disco
Digitally Imported - Oldschool Acid108869 aug 2018
acid, acidtechno
Linus Quick, Niereich - Acid Youth (Original Mix)
Digitally Imported - Oldschool House1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Oldschool Rave1621526 sep 2017
oldschool, rave
Digitally Imported - Progressive1621526 sep 2017
progressive trance
Digitally Imported - Progressive Psy1621526 sep 2017
progressive trance, psytrance
Digitally Imported - Psybient1621526 sep 2017
ambient, psytrance
Digitally Imported - PsyChill108869 aug 2018
psytrance, downtempo
Mountain Ash - Razor Edge
Digitally Imported - Russion Club Hits1621526 sep 2017
electro, eclectic
Digitally Imported - Scouse House1621526 sep 2017
hardstyle, hardtrance, harddance
Digitally Imported - Soulful House1621526 sep 2017
house, soulful house
Digitally Imported - Space Music1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Tech House1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Techno108869 aug 2018
techno, techhouse, minimal, schranz
Section One - Transistor (Original Mix)
Digitally Imported - Trance1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Trap1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Tribal House1621526 sep 2017
house, electro
Digitally Imported - UK Garage1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - UMF Radio108869 aug 2018
Above & Beyond, Sam Feldt - UMF Radio 413 (6 April 2017)
Digitally Imported - Undeground Techno1621526 sep 2017
techno, tekno
Digitally Imported - Vocal Chillout1621526 sep 2017
Digitally Imported - Vocal Lounge1621526 sep 2017
lounge, downtempo
Digitally Imported - Vocal Trance108869 aug 2018
C-Systems - Falling
Distortedfreakz Radio216520 dec 2007
hardcore, oldschool, darkcore
Tha Playah - Premonition
DJ Monkeybone60221 jun 2007
hardstyle, jump
DJ Reports205731 aug 2007
hardcore, hardstyle, jump
Dj Sand-R -- opening event 25-08-07
DJ Surgeles Radio6578 mei 2016
techno, drum & bass, hip hop
Howlin' Wolf - Wang Dang Doodle
DJBroadcast FM1649726 sep 2017
house, techno, electro, disco, minimal
DjSxX216327 nov 2006
hardcore, jump
Noize Supressor & MC Syco - Party Motherfuckers
Djwebpages Webradio66130 aug 2012
house, techno, trance, hardstyle, club, disco
Kurd Maverick - The Rub 'i Never Rock' (Original Mix)
DM-Radio "Dance Music Radio"216431 dec 2009
house, trance, hardstyle, club, latin
Doorgaan FM214228 okt 2006
house, oldschool, acid
Doorgaan FM -
DOTF radio21641 aug 2008
house, techno, oldschool, classics
DJ Gijs - Classics The Mega Mixes II Part 1
DOTF Radio1196023 jun 2018
house, oldschool, early rave
Drachten hardcore6937 mei 2013
terror, industrial hardcore, darkcore
Fock the hokjes ..... Non stop! - * Now also on IPV6! *
Drachten Hardcore (mainstr./early)6927 mei 2013
hardcore, early hardcore
Drachten Hardcore [Mainstream/Earlyrave] @ 192k/s - * Now on IPV6! *
Dubberz34445 feb 2017
drum & bass, dubstep
Dutch Beats Radio3520 apr 2020
Ellen -
EclecticRadio10814 aug 2017
house, eclectic
EclecticRadio1649726 sep 2017
house, club, electro, groove, minimal, latin, eclectic
Electro Radio49612 sep 2014
house, electro
Andrew Bennett & Strobe - Cataleya [Original Mix]
Electronic Music Radio191
techno, hardcore, new beat
Energy dance1649726 sep 2017
house, trance
Energy dance and hits64128 dec 2013
house, club, eurodance
Elton John - Sacrifice [TKC]
Energy FM64128 dec 2013
hardcore, hardstyle
Elton John - Sacrifice [TKC]
ENTV (videostream)19221 sep 2017
house, techno, trance, hardstyle, electro
EOB FM4056 mei 2006
hardcore, hardstyle, oldschool, industrial hardcore, jump, early hardcore, schranz - drum & bass673 - progressive1653926 sep 2017
progressive trance
Exclusive FM215710 aug 2010
Fatality radio216219 jul 2007
hardcore, hardstyle, terror, oldschool, industrial hardcore, darkcore, jump
This_­ Is_­ My_­ Style_­ _­ Mixed_­ By_­ Ricky_­ M_­
Fear.FM Hard5312 mei 2020
hardtrance, early hardstyle
Fear.FM Hardest2413 mei 2020
hardcore, terror, industrial hardcore, darkcore, speedcore
FearlessFM208426 jun 2011
Unknown - Dj Shanez 2011 03 01 17 19 48
Feel Radio152666 dec 2017
90s, 80s, rock
FeelRadio FM65924 dec 2013
Feno FM!4076 mei 2006
hardhouse, hardstyle, hardtrance
Festival Radio Live62718 mei 2016
pop, 00s
Flevodance1106317 aug 2018
house, 80s
flevodance.com7926 jan 2013
classics, eurodance
Atlantic Ocean - Club Classics - Waterfall
Flex Radio40429 mei 2006
Franeker Hardstyle Radio40415 mei 2006
hardcore, hardstyle, jump
( - // Silver Nikan; Live! - msn = ) )
Frenchcore24fm163656 okt 2017
tekno, industrial hardcore, frenchcore, hardtek
Fresh FM101209 okt 2018
Sharam ft. Daniel Beddingfield - The One
FreshMind Radio4044 jun 2006
hardcore, hardstyle
Fryslân Radio4056 mei 2006
Verzoekjes op:
Fucking Hardcore Radio1653926 sep 2017
hardcore, terror, industrial hardcore, darkcore, speedcore, frenchcore
Fuddle Dance Radio96812 nov 2018
Fuddle dance radio1668126 sep 2017
house, harddance
Fullhouse radio103115 aug 2011
house, techno, trance, club, hardtrance, electro, groove, techhouse
Infite - Euphoria (TranzLift Remix)
FunkFM215817 okt 2007
house, electro, funk, latin
Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Umbrella(Marcus Schossow remix)
FutureGrooves Radio40426 mei 2006
house, techno, trance, hardtrance, progressive trance, electro
Martin Garcia - Live at Metro 95.1fm -22-Mar-06 - Part 2_­ TM
FuzionRadio.FM1001024 okt 2018
techno, hardhouse, hardstyle
Radion6 - Mind Sensation 071
GigantenHits Lokaal409416 sep 2019
90s, 80s, nederlandstalig
Jos Wuyts - Heerlijk, Maar Niet Eerlijk
Groundqontrol Radio216410 jun 2007
techno, trance, club, urban
Guardian FM1670526 sep 2017
house Webradio60019 feb 2009
hardcore, oldschool
11-11-2006_­ hq_­ bassd
Happy Days Radio12031 jan 2014
oldschool, eurodance, 90s
Crystal Fighters - Love Natural
Hard dance events216018 mrt 2007
techno, hardcore, hardstyle, hardtrance, harddance
Various Artists - De Belcanto's - Moeder Mag Ik MSN-------->
Hard Radio75130 jun 2016
hardcore, hardstyle, oldschool, darkcore, early rave, frenchcore, freestyle
Typhoon - The Millennium Shit
Hard Stream21647 mrt 2008
401-va_­ -_­ hardbass_­ chapter_­ 13_­ cd2_­ mixed_­ by_­ brennan_­ heart_­ feat_­ mc_­ da_­ syndrome
Hard vibez63927 feb 2014
hardcore, hardstyle, oldschool, early hardcore, early hardstyle, early rave, raw hardstyle
The Grimreaper - Kiss Your Fucking Ears Goodbye
Hard.FM241327 mrt 2017
hardcore, hardstyle, hardtrance, oldschool
Hard.FM110424 nov 2016
hardstyle, raw hardstyle
The one man army tribute 13 - 11-2015
HardBase-Radio.nl216210 okt 2007
hardcore, hardstyle, terror, darkcore, speedcore, jump, early hardcore
Straight 2 Da Core 2006 (Part I)
HardbassFM60019 feb 2009
hardcore, hardstyle, french tek
Davide Sonar - Misunderstanding
Hardcast - dark force69421 apr 2013
HardtraX vs. Jackhamma - Brutal Live PA 31.10.2004
Hardcast - goa69321 apr 2013
progressive trance, goa, psytrance
KoffeiN_­ ..._­ Progressiv Lights Vol. 3
Hardcast - hardcore69321 apr 2013
neawolf_­ ..._­ hard_­ energize
Hardcast - hardstyle/jumpstyle69321 apr 2013
hardstyle, jump
DJToBass_­ ..._­ DJ ToBass - Mix vol1
Hardcast - hardstyle/jumpstyle (2)69321 apr 2013
hardstyle, jump
The_­ Thunderstorm_­ ..._­ The_­ Thunderstorm_­ -_­ Let_­ it_­ be_­ newschool
Hardcast - minimal69321 apr 2013
drum & bass, groove, minimal
DerDoctor_­ ..._­ Der Doctor - MnMl
Hardcast - schranz69321 apr 2013
schranz, hardtechno
radio_­ hardcast_­ ..._­ 86_­ _­
Hardcast - schranz (2)69321 apr 2013
schranz, hardtechno
waldi1981_­ ..._­ 14.Waldi @Home 19.11.2010 - Aufgestanden
Hardcast - speedcore69321 apr 2013
neawolf_­ ..._­ phobia_­ -_­ speed_­ and_­ terror
Hardcore 4-life Radio12230 jun 2013
hardcore, terror, darkcore, speedcore
Debby - Zoals een vlinder in de regen - Debby - zoals en vlinder in de regen
Hardcore Radio Sneek60926 mei 2014
hardcore, terror, darkcore, speedcore
Tieum & DJ Kristoff - Core and A 45 (Tieum Mix) We ARe FReAkEd
Harder.FM - The Hardersound198417 apr 2017
hardcore, darkcore, schranz, early rave
Harder.FM - The Hardersound (2)45823 apr 2010
techno, hardstyle, oldschool, jump
DJ Eric L - Headache
Harder.FM - The Hardersound - Friesland14127 mei 2009
hardcore, darkcore, schranz, early rave
Harder.FM Friesland6796 mrt 2012
hardcore, darkcore, schranz, early rave
- Pirate Mind- Podcast 16
Harderstylesz radio21613 apr 2010
hardcore, hardstyle, terror, speedcore
12. Scott Brown - Born To Control You
Hardpitch69321 apr 2013
hardcore, terror, oldschool, speedcore
Hardpitch_­ ..._­ cruszer- 09102009
Hardshockers FM21585 sep 2008
hardcore, hardstyle, hardtrance
Hardshockers.fm20866 dec 2006
house, hardcore, trance, hardhouse, hardstyle, jump, schranz
Hardsound radio6566 jan 2013
hardcore, acid, darkcore, speedcore, frenchcore
NH Hour 6-2
Hardstation Radio21633 feb 2007
hardcore, hardstyle, hardtrance, jump
Southstylerz - Pounding Remix
HardStation.FM7463 jun 2013
hardcore, hardstyle
Festuca - @ Hardstation 27-05-11
HardstreamFM21642 jul 2008
hardcore, trance, hardstyle, jump
2 Best Enemys - Les Drums (Technoboy Remix)
Hardstyle FM99030 mrt 2016
Frontliner_­ feat._­ Natalia_­ Isabella_­ -_­ Sail_­ Away
Hardstyle FM22251 jan 2020
hardcore, hardstyle, raw hardstyle, freestyle
Hardstyle Forever71626 jan 2013
Womack and Womack - Love Wars
Hardstyle freaks1670426 sep 2017
HardstyleFactory Webradio128982
hardstyle, jump
HardstyleMiltonFM146412 mei 2017
HardStylers FM366625 jan 2017
hardcore, hardstyle
Hardstyles.nl1670426 sep 2017
hardcore, hardstyle, jump, early hardcore
Head Radio Hard216313 feb 2010
hardcore, hardstyle
Unexist - Twisted
Hellbase Entertainment Radio216511 mei 2007
hardcore, trance, hardstyle, terror, jump
DJ Batske LIVE in time out
Henk FM65419 apr 2012
club, oldschool, classics, r&b
HHWebradio.com209319 jun 2007
hardcore, terror, industrial hardcore, darkcore, speedcore, jump, early hardcore
Forbidden Sounds dot NL
Hi-Tec6682 sep 2012
techno, trance, progressive trance, groove, techhouse
Nuff! & Michel Leroy - Superstring 2k12 (Original Mix)
Hit-Radio Saffier 107.2 FM207436
techno, hardcore, industrial hardcore
Hits 155325 nov 2014
house, club, electro, disco, classics, 90s, 80s, 70s, pop
Hits één48923 jun 2015
urban, pop, rock, EDM, party
Hits11670426 sep 2017
Hotradio6949 jul 2013
trance, club
Hotradio plus1670526 sep 2017
house, trance, club
House Nation Radio1670426 sep 2017
House-radio1125815 aug 2018
techhouse, deephouse
House-radio.com72024 jul 2013
electro, funk, techhouse
Houseradio69211 jan 2013
techhouse, deephouse
houseradio - deephouse playlist 30 [5Pu]
Housestation206621 aug 2006
house, techno, electro, techhouse, minimal
Outwork Ft Mr Gee - Electro (Cubeguys Dwlano Remix by Intrallazi)
Housetime Radio216427 jul 2009
techno, hardcore, oldschool, jump, early hardcore
op niet de grootste maar wel de gezelligste hoort uw nu die jungen klostertaler - Adios Amigos, Adios
Iduztral4046 mei 2006
industrial hardcore, darkcore
Creatures Of The Occult - Sickko
In Focus Techno Radio40425 jun 2006
techno, acid, techhouse, minimal
Insane FM6972 nov 2012
hardcore, industrial hardcore, breakcore, frenchcore
DJ FIGHT - Welcome to the Battlefield
Internet radio Oudenvliet12530 jun 2013
hardcore, hardstyle, jump
the beatles - yesterday
internetradiospijk216631 jul 2008
hardcore, disco, classics, r&b, early hardcore
DJ Cammy - Dj Cammy- When u sing to me
JM behind the decks40411 mei 2006
hardcore, hardstyle, jump
JumpSolution / JSJT21632 jul 2007
hardstyle, jump
[E - Max & Mr Noba] Don't Stop
JumpStation.FM85974 jan 2019
hardhouse, hardstyle, jump, french tek
Jumpstylecrew Radio21645 aug 2006
dj greg c - Dance tot the house
Just4fun Radio216217 sep 2007
hardcore, hardstyle, club, disco, jump
Ali G feat. Shaggy - Me Julie
Justdance Radio6854 mrt 2014
house, trance, club, electro
10 Frontliner-Dream Dust
KeFFect!.fm211118 apr 2007
trance, progressive trance, electro, minimal
Rogier - December minimal mix
KFMusic215925 mrt 2007
trance, hardtrance
Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance Episode 250
KickX-FM216417 mei 2008
techno, hardcore, trance, hardstyle, jump
Angerfist - My Critic Fetish
Lazer Hot Hits215911 mei 2007
techno, trance, club, groove
Dj Gino D - February 2007 Vol 1
Lemming Island Radio193916 dec 2009
hardcore, terror, oldschool, industrial hardcore, darkcore, speedcore, early hardcore
Livesets Radio65212 nov 2012
techno, minimal
Sebo K at Weekend Circuit, London (05-10-2012)
LocaFM Atmosfera3884 dec 2020
Aly & Fila, Ever Burn - Is It Love? feat. Ever Burn (James Dymond Remix)
LocaFM Extreme3884 dec 2020
Coone - Coone feat. Ruthless - Pacman [WEB]
LocaFM Feeling3884 dec 2020
Desconocido - Radical Fantasy Tears of the Sun (Original Mix)
LocaFM History3884 dec 2020
Empire - Fantasy ((6-12..R5+8)) - 6B
LocaFM Hits3884 dec 2020
house, club
Aly & Fila, Ever Burn - Is It Love? feat. Ever Burn (James Dymond Remix)
LocaFM Intenso3884 dec 2020
Nikitta - Kloset Enero
LocaFM Relax3884 dec 2020
Desconocido - 4 Pista de Audio
Magic 92.981311 mrt 2015
funk, disco, soulful house, r&b
Leotis - On A Mission
Mezzo Deephouse Sessions261
Mindlab1017339 aug 2013
Happy Toons - I want you
MSNYS RADIO85656 jan 2019
techno, hardcore, hardstyle, oldschool, tekno, raw hardstyle
Faul & Wad Ad feat. Pnau - Changes
Music Planets36312 dec 2014
house, techno, hardcore, trance, hardstyle, lounge, electro, jump
Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again
Musicbooster40417 jun 2006
hardcore, terror, speedcore
The Stunned Guys - She
Musika Technika radio216413 feb 2008
techno, breakbeat
MyRadio1670426 sep 2017
MySnatch Radio216010 jul 2006
hardcore, trance, hardstyle, jump
Balearic Bastards - Beautiful Thoughts
MYXS Radio4046 mei 2006
trance, hardstyle
Paul Oakenfold, Armen Van Buuren & Tiesto - Sebas Arcabascio Mix (01-25-2001)
Nautic Radio Jamaican Stylee1670426 sep 2017
reggae, dub
Nautic Radio Psychonautic Reinforcement1670626 sep 2017
goa, psytrance
NERadio International815626 sep 2017
NERadio Sweden815526 sep 2017
New Generation Of Hard Techno Radio76615 apr 2011
frank_­ kvitta_­ -_­ love_­ xpress_­ 10022007
nightcoreradio20884 jan 2007
hardcore, hardstyle, terror, jump
DJ Buzz Fuzz - Terminate
Nightmare radio6733 jul 2012
Noi-sense.com215710 jan 2007
drum & bass, electro, hip hop
TaiT (Selected by) - Favourites hardstream21667 mrt 2008
house, techno, hardcore, hardstyle, electro, jump
401-va_­ -_­ hardbass_­ chapter_­ 13_­ cd2_­ mixed_­ by_­ brennan_­ heart_­ feat_­ mc_­ da_­ syndrome
Only 4 Techno Radio209527 jun 2007
techno, schranz
KillSwitch & Reset - @ - Club Zoreks 09.03.2007
Pacha Radio241227 mrt 2017
house, lounge, club
Panic FM1670626 sep 2017
Party Patrol (videostream)66129 aug 2017
house, club, funk, groove, latin
Party Vibe Radio216526 mrt 2008
house, techno, drum & bass, breakbeat, trance, progressive trance, electro, oldschool, acidtechno, jungle, reggaeton, psytrance, french tek
ÿþD - ÿþD
Party-vibes radio67018 apr 2012
house, trance, electro
youtube_­ - _­ best_­ psy-trance_­ mix_­ ever_­ part_­ 1
Partybase Radio40416 mei 2006
hardcore, hardstyle, hardtrance, jump
DJ ELDEEGEE LIVE ! JumP & Hardstyle
Partyvibe radio 1281670626 sep 2017
hardcore, hardstyle, acid, acidtechno, schranz, french tek
Pauper Radio21619 jul 2006
hardcore, hardstyle
rotterdam terror corps - are you prepared to die
Ping FM this is the beat149532 jan 2018
house, disco, classics, soulful house, r&b, dancehall
Alcazar - Crying At The Discoteque
Planet Core Stream66627 jul 2013
techno, hardcore, breakbeat, terror, oldschool, acid, classics, early hardcore
Laidback Luke - Trilogy
Planet Dance Radio14023 apr 2008
trance, hardstyle, hardtrance
Bob Sinclar -- Sound of Freedom
Planet Hardcore Radio214815 mei 2009
hardcore, darkcore, early rave
VA - The Provider LIVE
PlanetDanceRadio68415 mei 2012
trance, hardstyle, club
3OH!3 Ft. Kesha - My First Kiss (Dr. Who Bootleg)
Primera Radio216421 mrt 2008
hardcore, hardstyle, jump
102 VA Decibel Outdoor 2007 cd2 Xbear&Hoekie 2ndRelease
Primera Trance Radio22711 feb 2008
11 Sequential
Psychedelic Dutch-Web-Radio191021 apr 2017
goa, psytrance (global)1401425 feb 2018 (house)94620 jul 2011
Dj Ocaso - Night Rhythm Sessions 012 [July 05 2011] on Pure.Fm (lounge & deephouse)1401425 feb 2018
lounge, deephouse (main room house)1401425 feb 2018
house (nudisco)1401425 feb 2018
disco (progressive)1401425 feb 2018
progressive trance (trance)1401425 feb 2018
PureDJ60026 sep 2017
Puresound.fm85974 jan 2019
PurpleRadio216221 jun 2009
hardcore, hardstyle
Negative A - Decapitate
Q Hosting Radio4056 mei 2006
hardcore, trance, hardstyle, hardtrance, jump
Tha Playah - Weird Clit (DJ Neophyte and Evil Activities Remix)
Q-dance Chill76115 jun 2017
Qbeats radio21619 mei 2010
house, urban, r&b, hip hop, latin, reggaeton
Ce Ce Peniston - Finally
Qbeats Radio78219 nov 2012
house, urban, r&b, hip hop, latin, reggaeton
Don & Johnson - Bring that Beat Back
QS Radio69731 jan 2014
funk, groove
Kavinsky - Road Game
R-vision hardcore radio21619 apr 2010
Underground Madnezz - EH 001 live @ R Vision 17 July 2009
R-vision hardstyle radio21619 apr 2010
Style-a-Holik - R-Vision Beats Volume 1
radio 1211026 apr 2007
house, trance, progressive trance
Radio 5385359 apr 2015
Radio 538 Dancedepartment6155 aug 2014
royksopp & robyn - do it again
Radio 538 HitZone51412 aug 2014
Radio 538 Non Stop 4051412 aug 2014
coldplay - magic
Radio 538 Party Muziek6125 aug 2014
deorro - five hours
Radio 93836312 dec 2014
hardcore, trance, hardstyle, lounge, r&b, hip hop, jump, jazz, 90s, 80s, 70s, pop, rock
The Killers - Runaways
Radio ABF14323 sep 2017
techno, electro
Radio Blackout5556 nov 2010
hardcore, hardstyle, terror
Radio Blackout3442 aug 2017
hardcore, hardstyle
Radio Blackout14215 mei 2008
hardcore, hardstyle, terror, jump, schranz
Radio Converse21659 dec 2007
house, hardcore, hardstyle, groove, jump
Brian C - Official Promo Set
Radio D.R.P (80's & 90's)25025 nov 2015
The Stranglers - Always the sun (12''mix)
Radio D.R.P (house)6477 mei 2012
R.I.O. - Like I Love You
Radio D.R.P (house)1329 mei 2011
house, techhouse
Felix Navarro - Tanya (Original Mix)
Radio D.R.P (pop & rock)6477 mei 2012
U2 And Green Day - The Saints Are Coming
Radio Dance World216417 mei 2008
techno, jump
Angerfist - My Critic Fetish
Radio Delta.Net67210 feb 2012
techno, hardcore, trance, hardhouse, hardstyle, jump
Radio FG65312 sep 2012
house, techno, electro, r&b
Radio Fluo Hardcore21602 dec 2007
hardcore, terror, speedcore
Outblast Vs Drokz Black - 04 (the Hardest State of Emerg
Radio Frequent502126 jul 2019
Radio Gezellig7339 aug 2013
house, trance, hardtrance, goa
03 DJ Mad Dog - Awful Sound
Radio Goedzo212914 aug 2007
hardcore, hardstyle
Whitney Houston - I Learned From The Best
Radio Hardenberg65916 okt 2012
Andrea Jürgens & Robby Tauber - Mi amor
Radio Hi-Tec6682 sep 2012
house, trance, club
Angel Stoxx - Why Pushing Me (Original Mix)
Radio Kashmir Lounge Amsterdam1670526 sep 2017
house, techno, funk, classics, soulful house, hip hop, dubstep
Radio Maagzuur80112 mrt 2015
hardcore, oldschool
Radio Mic Beats4578 sep 2017
r&b, hip hop
Radio Overschie44013 aug 2015
trance, r&b, 90s, 80s, pop, rock, 00s, nederlandstalig
Dolf Brouwers - Hoeveel hoedjes heeft de koningin
Radio Paniekzaaier1670526 sep 2017
hardcore, hardstyle
Radio Rotterdam Noord129
hardcore, trance, lounge, electro, r&b, hip hop
Radio Rotterdam West52310 aug 2014
hardcore, trance, electro, r&b, hip hop
New Electro & House 2014 Summer Dance Mix #86
Radio Totaal 93.6FM46625 jan 2015
happy hardcore, eurodance
Radio Varanda54419 jan 2015
trance, electro, pop
08 - DJ Bobo - Everybody
Radio X1670526 sep 2017
house, techno, trance, progressive trance
Radio-Revolte968311 nov 2018
OnAir DJ Toni @ RDT-Radio
Raveschuurhardstyleradio25220 apr 2020
hardcore, hardstyle
Silence - Réalité
Real-Lunatic Radio216216 sep 2007
oldschool, classics, early hardcore
6 Precious x project - Dukkha
RealHardRadio! Overijssel115017 feb 2011
hardcore, hardstyle, terror, speedcore, frenchcore
Neophyte & Drokz - Sloop Die Speakers (Terreur Mix)
Realtec Radio8382 okt 2010
hardcore, hardstyle
JX - There's nothing I won't do
Regression-radio65219 mei 2013
progressive trance
RevulsionFM1670526 sep 2017
hardstyle, raw hardstyle
Rizio40425 mei 2006
house, hardhouse, hardstyle, harddance, techhouse
Scratch '981670526 sep 2017
house, techno, drum & bass, hardcore, trance, hardstyle, club, progressive trance, electro, classics, techhouse, jump, frenchcore, french tek, dubstep, happy hardcore, big room, freestyle
Sexradio.nl216325 jan 2007
Jamie Lewis & Nick Morris - Downtown
Slam FM5359 apr 2015
house, trance, hardstyle, progressive trance, oldschool, techhouse, eurodance
Slam FM Hardstyle472
SonicRadio30819 dec 2006
hardhouse, hardtrance
Space Sentinelz - February Mix 2006
Soundstream-nl214021 mrt 2009
hardcore, hardstyle, hardtrance, jump
Likquid - C'mon 2009 (Brainkicker Remix)
Stein City Hardcore216124 jul 2007
drum & bass, hardcore, terror, speedcore, early hardcore, breakcore
VA - Simstim - Stravinsky's Bass
Strictly Hardcore Radio216224 jun 2008
Tha Playah - The Explained
Studio 80 Radio60026 sep 2017
house, techno, minimal
Studio SL216223 jun 2009
disco, classics
0014_­ -_­ Alan_­ Parsons_­ Project-Old_­ And_­ Wise-4.53
Studiobeatz.de75828 jun 2006
techno, schranz
Dj MinuPren - Hardcoreus Imperatus 21.09.2004
Sundance radio216115 apr 2010
house, trance, club
Jason Mraz - Make It Mine
SuprNova20885 jan 2007
DJ Mike Llama - Llama Whippin' Intro
System FM Dance Radio173718 apr 2009
Benny Royal And Ludaphunk - Dance Electric
T-Spirit Radio64813 sep 2012
house, hardcore, groove, jump
Rino Gaetano - Ma Il Cielo È Sempre Più Blu
Techno Department31276 jul 2015
techno, techhouse, minimal, hardtechno, deephouse
R&J Monthly Techno mix (The Cell) - drum'n'bass21544 feb 2009
drum & bass, trance
Keaton & Gridlok - Stand Apart - house21544 feb 2009
DJ_­ Nelle_­ Made_­ in_­ Poland_­ 03_­ 02_­ 09_­ Show_­ 88 - piknic21638 apr 2017
house, electro - psy21544 feb 2009
Jesters - Court-LIVE-with-Dj-Clown-(Tribal-Vision) - trance1645926 sep 2017
trance Live2630 apr 2020
Betty Bloop - Untitled Techno Christmas Special 2019 LIVE on Techno.FM
Technoville215910 mrt 2007
techno, oldschool, acid, techhouse
FunkyJunkie - Progressive Techno Set @ Technoville
Techture!Radio211117 apr 2007
house, techno, progressive trance, electro, techhouse, schranz
Olav Basoski - Like dis (Fedde Le Grand remix
TeknoRadio25220 apr 2020
Cyber Core-002 - B2 Base Spatiale
Tempo radio13594 jan 2011
house, trance, hardstyle, oldschool, early rave
DJ Norman a.k.a. The Houseviking - Oldskool Megamix
The Hardest12031 jan 2014
hardcore, terror, oldschool, speedcore
Radionomy - Radionomy
The Hardest Hard69731 jan 2014
Modern Talking - Sexy sexy Lover
The Hardest Hardcore69831 jan 2014
hardcore, terror, oldschool, darkcore, speedcore, frenchcore
Miosa - Noisy Objects
The Hardest Radio (hardstyle)69731 jan 2014
Deep Tune - Flute
The-Legalizer radio40428 mei 2006
hardcore, hardstyle, darkcore, early hardcore
Energizer - Hardcore mix
house, trance, goa
TMD Radio216429 jul 2008
Discomixer - 1977 medley
Tomorrowland - One World Radio19
Totaal fm21599 mrt 2007
hardcore, trance, hardstyle
Love Message - Love Message (Radio Edit)
TOTAAL.FM21041 dec 2009
hardcore, trance, jump
Mark Sherry - Outburst Radio Show
Toxic Sickness Radio47918 okt 2014
terror, industrial hardcore, frenchcore, hardtechno
metronoom 15-02-12
TrackFM1670526 sep 2017
techno, trance
Trance Radio 125220 apr 2020
Martin Eigenmann - Lazy Duck (dj channel)1670526 sep 2017
trance (trance channel)1670526 sep 2017
TranceMasters Radio205731 aug 2007
trance, hardtrance
Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto on Tour [22-06-2007]
Trancemixers4048 jun 2006
techno, trance, hardtrance, progressive trance
(DJ Adam S 'Illusions Part 2')
TranceSonic.fm85974 jan 2019
Trinitix Radio172
hardcore, hardstyle
Trinitix Radio Only The Hardest Styles178
hardcore, hardstyle
Tunnelradio4046 mei 2006
techno, electro, acid, disco
Ubermensch radio21532 apr 2009
techno, electro, ambient
Blastromen - Body Snatchers
Underground Shock Radio4046 mei 2006
hardcore, terror, oldschool, industrial hardcore, darkcore, jump
United DJ's Radio21649 jun 2007
techno, trance, club, harddance
Ian Van Dahl - Just A Girl (Megara Vs. DJ Lee Remix Cut)
Universe DJ crew44326 jun 2006
trance, hardstyle
V8 Club Radio8818 jul 2017
house, trance, club
VanGodLos Radio21658 dec 2007
Q-Base 2007 - Activator --
Vrenza7903 aug 2012
Wapradio.eu6854 mrt 2014
trance, hardtrance, harddance
07-wildstylez_­ and_­ alpha2_­ vs._­ dv8_­ rocks_­ -_­ leave_­ it_­ all_­ behind_­ (radio_­ edit)
Webradio Rotterdam119912 sep 2010
Energy 52 - Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (Three'n One Radio Edit) [eC]
Webzone FM209529 jun 2007
Wektek216913 nov 2006
Wherestheculture6619 okt 2012
club, funk, soulful house, deephouse
Finest Radio Show with Ronan C. from Brazil (Vol. 186)
Winschoten Terreur Radio1670426 sep 2017
hardcore, terror, speedcore
X-Beats Radio21614 okt 2008
hardcore, industrial hardcore, darkcore, schranz
Randy vs. Radium - Real Big
X-Radio Groningen4096 mei 2006
trance, hardstyle, lounge, club
XFM1670426 sep 2017
trance, club
XT3 techno radio1670426 sep 2017
techno, minimal
XTC Radio London1670426 sep 2017
house, techno, trance
XtcFM40518 jun 2006
techno, trance, hardstyle
01 - Qlubtempo 2001 - dj luna live
XXL FM21582 jul 2010
techno, techhouse, minimal
XXX Radio216422 jul 2008
trance, club
Your request1428 sep 2008
house, club
Robert Long - Midlife Crisis
YourDance Radio23220 apr 2020
house, funk, disco, deephouse
Martin Eigenmann - Lazy Duck