Live at Lola

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Lola (binnen) op de kaart
Pelsterdwarsstraat 11
punk rock

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Line-up Live at Lola

Live at Lola: Punkrock night! with

Trophy Jump, Melodic punkrock form Croatia!

"We play fast punk rock and drink beer on weekdays."

Punk rock band formed in 2014 in Long Beach, CA. Currently doing their shit in Zagreb, Croatia, with a huge help of their JeboTon friends. Peace out and don't be an asshole.

Final Impact, Punkrock From Germany!

We do punk rock, 'cuz it is the angriest, filthiest and most honest way to play music. It's always about hangin' out with friends and havin' a good time. Punk is more than just music, it's an attitude!"
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