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Pablito (afbeelding)
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Jimmy Woo op de kaart Site binnen
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18
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Facebook Pablito / Jimmy Woo / November 3rd
After an amazing first year, I am ready to kick it again together with my buddy Mr. Woo! 🥂

So you better be ready to enter our world! The world where nothing is too crazy: I am talking; Vodka bottles, flying jets filled with champagne, dancing girls with roses, fireworks, rose confetti, endless entertainment and of course the hottest line-up in town!

And if that's not enough, I am hosting this crazy party at the brand new Jimmy Woo, meaning": More lights, a new dancefloor, a new bar to hold up even more champagne, more sexy girls, more entertainment and best of all more PABLITO

So don't be shy and come to hang with a real guy...

Mucho Amor,

Mr. Pablito🌹🖤
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