Fractal · CUN7 & Skanky Ho's Reyt Bangers Birthday Bonanza


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Fractal (flyer)
Beaver Works op de kaart binnen
Genres (schatting)
breakcore × 4, jungle × 3, drum & bass × 3, hardcore × 2, crossbreed × 2
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Fractal:18 - CUN7 & Skanky Ho's Reyt Bangers Birthday Bonanza ROUND FOUR

Back once again for the D4 damager!
January returns and with it, we once again celebrate the joint birthdays of our CUN7 and Skanky Ho with a free entry, dual room session at the Beaver Works Leeds. Combining a series of bad decisions with the still-present high off our last event, we've taken the free entry style a bit too far...

ALPHA // Downstairs
Micromakine [ UNION / Future Sickness
Triple Sickz [ Harder & Louder / Sustained Records
Rhino [ Soldiers of Core / Twisted
Treekle [ Fractal / Reaction Soundsystem
Scholeyosis [ Chuffin' Noise
Parody [ Fractal / JS Leeds
LSD-Licious [ Fractal / Nelly Roger
Skanky CUN7 [ Fractal
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