Get Nervous

Get Nervous

Get Nervous (flyer)
W Amsterdam op de kaart Site binnen
Genres (schatting)
house × 2, techno, disco, minimal, deephouse
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NERVOUS” is the entry point into the weekend. As adrenaline builds up and reanimates Amsterdam’s fun-thristy population with the expectation of a note-worthy weekend, W Amsterdam presents the exact right measure of let-go, close together to the echoes of legendary spaces such as Studio 54 and Paradise Garage. Our entry to the weekend is house and disco-based, punch-fueled taglines.

We just say Fouk!

For Daniel Leseman & Hans Peeman, successful producers on their own merits and friends since childhood, a collaboration was inevitable. The success of it of course never is, but their house sound infused with disco and a lot funk has been proven to be very infectious.
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