Techno Tuesday (flyer)
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techno × 4
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Line-up & Timetable
23:30 - 00:45:  Seek One
00:45 - 02:00:  Dexon ServiŽ
02:00 - 03:45:  Dino Maggiorana ItaliŽ
03:45 - 05:00:  Jean e la Plastique
Visuals: Meow

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Line up
Dino Maggiorana, Funk'n Deep Records / Funk'n Deep Black
Dexon - InDeep'n'Dance Records
Jean & La Plastique - Cr2 Records
Seek One - Night Light Records

Visuals by vj meow

Event organized by InDeep'n'Dance Records.

This weekly night delivers a full on blitzing rave up. Pumping with all the excitement, energy and enthusiasm of even the biggest and baddest weekender. Each and every Tuesday locals and visitors come to celebrate life and share their appreciation of the music we love. Together. As it should be.

Despite being an iconic beacon of the Dutch underground, "Techno Tuesday Amsterdam" radiates a friendly, welcoming and accessible ambiance and all that fall somewhere between feel comfortable to unique.
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