PIP Den Haag Take Over (flyer)
georganiseerd door PIP Den Haag Site
onderdeel van Amsterdam Dance Event Site
Bar Struik op de kaart binnen
Genres (schatting)
hardcore, terror, industrial hardcore
Gratis entree!
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11Partyflockge´nteresseerd · herkomst
The musical violence of ADE will overthrow Amsterdam again this year. So many organizations, network events and even more musicians and DJ's.

But have no fear, there is actually only one event you really have to attend: Sensation White.

But because it does not exist anymore and we don't like the music, we will be at Café Struik when PIP Den Haag will take over for a day.

The music is presumptuous, the people without a goal in their life and the drinks.. like you've tasted before!

Perfect in almost nothing
Wednesday at café Struik
Pure love from The Hague city
Free entrance with an expensive touch